Your face is among the most impressive features of your body. This means that you must take good care of it all the time since it is the part of your body constantly exposed. You must protect your face from harsh elements that create your skin look rough, uneven, and old. One way of doing that is getting facials regularly. Beverly Hills Med Spa provides excellent facials that cater to all skin types and concerns. In this article, we shall learn more about the various facial treatments that make your skin look smooth, even when done regularly at Beverly Hills Med Spa.

Types of Facial Treatments to Improve your Skin

Beverly Hills Med Spa provides a variety of facial treatments that specifically cater to various skin concerns, conditions, and skin types. Expert technicians professionally do all treatments under Dr. John Kahen, a world-renowned and award-winning surgeon. Before suggesting any of the following facials in Beverly Hills treatments, Dr. John Kahen will consult you to evaluate and establish your skin condition, concerns, and skin type. Below are some of the skin care treatments offered at Beverly Hills Med Spa in Los Angeles, California.

Hydra Facials

Hydrafacial is an effective facial treatment that combines several therapies and serums to address all skin types and concerns. If you have skin conditions such as acne marks, blackheads, and uneven skin, hydrafacial treatment will remove them in one or two sessions. Hydrafacial also effectively eliminates signs of aging, such as wrinkles, frowns, or fine lines. The critical steps in this facial in Beverly Hills treatment are cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. Your face skin is constantly exposed to many elements, dirt, and debris that block skin pores and make it hard to remove waste by sweating.

Hydrafacial aims to remove all debris, dirt, and fat that block skin pores through deep cleansing, making your skin rough and dry. Through exfoliation, dead skin is removed, leaving your skin looking smooth and youthful. This facial treatment also involves hydrating the skin to ensure it is moisturized. Many people prefer the HydraFacial facial treatment performed at Beverly Hills Med Spa because it combines all these treatments to address all skin issues. 

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) facials

PRP is another excellent facial in Beverly Hills that works effectively to improve your skin through the body’s healing process. The treatment is administered through injections using a syringe with a fine needle. For platelet-rich plasma for facial treatment to perform as expected and produce desirable results, it requires the services of a professional skin care specialist. When treating patients through PRP facials, Dr. John Kahen starts by drawing blood from the patient using a syringe. The blood is put in a centrifuge device that separates blood components by spinning it rapidly for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes are over, platelet-rich plasma is drawn out using a syringe and injected into the skin to carry out the healing process. Platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors that help to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it smooth, even, and younger-looking. PRP is also another technique used in hair restoration treatments. 


You can count on Beverly Hills Med Spa for all your skincare and anti-aging treatments, including microneedling, which punctures tiny holes into the skin to stimulate collagen generation. Microneedling is a noninvasive procedure that takes a short time to perform with little or no downtime. Colleagues carry out repairs in damaged skin tissues and cells. When the skin is pricked or injured, collagen rushes in to repair damaged cells. In this facial in Beverly Hills, an instrument known as a derma roller is used to create these tiny holes in the skin, triggering the generation of collagen, which helps to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Before using microneedling as a skin care treatment, Dr. John Kahen has to evaluate your skin type to suggest the proper treatment for your skin concerns. 


Caring for your skin is necessary if you want your skin to look young and vibrant all the time. Since there are various ways to perform facial treatments, Dr. John Kahen from Beverly Hills Med Spa will assess your skin to understand your skin type, skin condition, and skin concerns. Once he establishes which information about your skin, he will suggest the right facial in Beverly Hills to address your skin concerns. All treatments at Beverly Hills Med Spa use high-quality products and technology to ensure that desired results are realized. 

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