Hair loss of up to 50 to 100 hairs per day is considered normal and is not worrisome. However, it could become bothersome when you see the worrying quantities of hair on the brush. It can suddenly make your scalp more visible, and you can see hair fall on your shoulders and the pillow. It would help if you took prompt action to control the drastic hair loss in such instances. A hair loss specialist Los Angeles can investigate the real cause of excess hair shedding. The expert can evaluate your scalp to suggest non-invasive or invasive hair loss treatment. Let’s explore five practical steps to deal with the problem of hair loss and how to restore hair.

Scalp evaluation

Once you have started experiencing hair loss, you should not take it lightly. It can cause hair thinning on the scalp, leading to total hair loss. Men and women can experience both knowledge hair loss due to pattern baldness as per their genders. However, a scalp evaluation will be initiated during your visit to the hair loss clinic Los Angeles. The expert will identify the cause of hair falling and thinning to prescribe the treatment. Sometimes, a topical solution like minoxidil can be recommended. It can help in hair thickening during the beginning phase of hair thinning. But, results might vary, and you may need further treatments.

Hair restoration

Use of topical products might only work for you if hair loss is to a greater extent. So, the hair loss specialist Los Angeles might recommend hair restoration. In most instances, hair restoration takes place with surgical procedures like FUE and FUT. The expert surgeon will choose the appropriate method to implant new inches extracted with roots from the donor region. With this technique, you will get permanent and natural-looking hair restoration results. You can say that healthy hairs on your scalp will be relocated to the bald areas.

Platelet-rich plasma

A surgeon might also try non-invasive ways to fix the problem during the hair restoration process. The surgeon may recommend you get a few shots of PRP to the scalp. Plasma will be derived from your blood and inserted into the scalp with thin needles. This procedure is non-surgical and can repair damaged hair follicles. PRP can augment the results of hair transplants by improving the strength and thickness of hair. Hence, you can witness hair loss treatment’s fast healing and superior outcomes.


The surgical hair restoration will be required extra care during the recovery period. Hence, you will be provided aftercare instructions by the hair loss specialist Los Angeles. During recovery, you must follow some cautions to prevent pain and discomfort. Also, you will have to take some medicines for pain and swelling in the scalp. Once you have undergone the hair restoration treatment, you must rest at home for a few days. The hair transplant expert will also make you aware of the shedding of new hair after three months. This would prevent shock hair loss and helps in recovering from the surgical treatment.

Enjoy new hairs

After recovery from hair loss treatment, you will have to visit a hair loss clinic Los Angeles for follow-ups. The expert will check if the implanted hairs are adequately settled on your scalp. Also, the surgeon will advise you on further hair washing and styling instructions. After six months, you can visibly notice the growth of new hairs on your head. In 12 months, you can see fuller growth of hairs on your head. The newly grown hairs will be thicker, healthier, and more robust. You can experience the lustrous growth of hairs that will be permanent.

Why is hair loss treatment necessary?

Take your time! If you are experiencing hair loss, address this issue sooner with the experts. You will likely get the proper treatment to prevent hair loss and restoration. The expert will recommend you the best treatment to attain the expected outcomes. Hence, you can enjoy the healthy growth of hairs on your head to flaunt your style.

To sum up

A hair loss specialist Los Angeles can give you the right treatment advice on hair loss. You can avoid following a DIY approach by trying ineffective hair loss treatments. You can attain longer-lasting results by getting the proper treatment for a hair transplant. Also, an expert can carefully implant your hair to get the correct hair gain pattern and restores them professionally. Make an online quest to schedule a consultation with an expert!

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