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When you have strained your neck or hurt your back, your first instinct is to call your chiropractor. This is the main reason our patients come to the office. It’s always fascinating that new patients are surprised at how their spinal health can impact their overall health. You may have a condition that chiropractic care can help.

Here are nine reasons you should see your Chiropractor in Sherwood Park besides back and neck pain.

There is a limit to the range of motion

Chiropractor Clinic in Sherwood Park visits are recommended for those who have difficulty doing simple tasks like putting on their shoes, pulling their seatbelt or folding laundry. We can provide therapies and treatments to help you get back to living your everyday life, regardless of whether it is muscle-related or spine-related.

Do you suffer from headaches?

When I was younger, severe migraines plagued me. My only knowledge was to follow the instructions of my doctor. My headaches could be naturally treated after I began working in a chiropractor’s office. Problems in the neck can cause headaches and migraines. After a few treatments, I felt like a new person. Looking back, this experience began my passion for chiropractic.

Chronic pain in your muscles or joints

Many of my patients have pain in their hands, knees, ankles or hips that could be alleviated by chiropractic care. If you have pulled a muscle, I can do muscle therapy. Regular visits benefit athletes and patients who exercise regularly to maintain their muscles and joints.

You are recovering from an accident

Chiropractor in Sherwood Park can help you heal from trauma, whether falling down stairs, flipping on a snowmobile or being in an accident. Even minor accidents can be treated with chiropractic care. Problems can still be caused up to two years later.

Sinus congestion

Many people don’t know that chiropractic care can relieve sinus congestion and the pain associated with infections. Upper cervical adjustments, for example, can ease tension in your brain stem. This helps relax your throat and allows sinus passages to drain more easily. A sinus protocol is also something I do that aids in sinus drainage.

Are you struggling to get pregnant?

Chiropractor in Sherwood Park can be a safe and natural method for women to improve their bodies’ performance and function. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and natural way to align the spine and remove any interference from the nervous system. The lumbar nerves control the bowel, bladder and function. It has been proven that reducing interference from this area can increase fertility.

Feel numb or tingling in your legs and arms

Nerve injury and pressure on the spine can cause numbness and tingling in your arms or legs. These symptoms can be triggered by sitting in one place or standing for too long in one position. We take tingling and numbness as signs of more serious illnesses.

A sedentary job

You will likely spend most of your time at a computer, desk or office. Even though you may try to improve your posture, sitting all day can put pressure on your spine and cause alignment problems. A proactive maintenance program, which includes chiropractic care, can slow down or improve the side effects of sitting all day.

Have you recently suffered whiplash?

Whiplash symptoms can be treated with various chiropractic techniques, including manipulation, muscle relaxation, stimulation, and other exercises. You can also make lifestyle and ergonomic changes to speed up your recovery from whiplash.

Each patient has a different story. We treat every patient individually and create a treatment plan most beneficial for their health.


To schedule an appointment with Refresh Health and Wellness, contact us if you are concerned about any of these signs. To ask questions about chiropractic, you can also call our office.

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