It is hard to find the best skin care product for you. But with good packaging, it will be easier. There are a few things to consider when finding your perfect skin care product and one of those is how the lip balm packaging boxes look on the outside. The color or design on the outside of a package can tell you which type of skin it would work best for. There are also other factors like expiration date and ingredients that need consideration. 

Here are the best ways of packaging skin care products which will increase their sales and customers randomly.: 

Square containers:   

This is an old-school way of packaging skin care products. Whether they are in a small box or a fancy case, you can find these at almost any store. These worked well for lotions and creams because they lay flat on shelves. But since skin care products have become more complex, you can find them in different shapes and sizes. They include bags, bottles, tubes, and jars. These types of packages have many parts so if you want to use them with multi-purpose skincare items like a night cream, face wipes, or moisturizer then it is best to use it for this purpose. 

Two words–multi-user! 

This container is great for everyone because you only need one product to do the job of several. If you are on a budget, it will save money. You can also test different products without buying more packages or bottles of one single product. 

This type of packaging is also popular because it has an airtight seal. That makes it perfect for containers that hold products like soup, or any product that might spill out of the container. You can even have it personalized by having your name printed or etched on the bottle. This will definitely stand out in the store when people browse for this type of product! 

Containers like jar: 

A jar is another option you should consider when packaging skin care products especially if they are thick gels or creamy past. When using jars, you should label it with proper instructions so people would not get confused when using the product. The jar also has a lid which is made of plastic or metal that screws on to the top. This type of packaging is great for moisturizers, body butters and conditioners because you can easily use your fingers to scoop out the contents. 

Bucket Packaging 

This type of packaging is also popular because it has an airtight seal. That makes it perfect for containers that hold products like soup, or any product that might spill out of the container. The airtight seal prevents oxidation and keeps the product fresh for longer, protecting it from harsh environmental factors too. This type of bottle is great because it comes in different sizes. You can use the same ingredients but put them into different-sized bottles and then create two or more products. 

Tube Packaging 

Some people are very worry about germs and want to know that their skin will not touch anything. For them, tube packaging is the best. You should go for a squeezable tube that is easy to use and will not take up much space. But try to avoid flip-top caps because they can be really unhygienic if you carry them from place to place. 

Cream Packaging 

An elegant cream jar with a secure plastic lid is perfect for storing both creams and lotions. This type of packaging is good for preventing spills. It also looks nice when you create a display. You can put labels on it so people can see what’s inside your package. If you have a custom label, it will look like a high-end beauty product instead. 

Vials and ampoules 

If you want your product to stand out, pack it in small containers. This type of container is good for products that are meant to be applied on the skin like serums, tinctures, and other liquids. The container protects the product from harmful UV rays and customers will like that they can test out a smaller amount first before committing to a full-size bottle. 

Benefits of these types of cosmetic packaging: 

Perfect during shipment: 

This type of packaging is perfect for people who are traveling because you can just place it in your bag without having to worry about leakage or spillage. The bottle comes with its own cap which makes application easier too. You do not need to transfer the product into another container before spraying directly onto your skin reducing contamination risks. This will definitely save time and money plus you get to how much product will be used every time. 

Time-saving and easy, 

The containers are great for oil-based products that have a high viscosity. They also come with a wholesale custom printed cardboard boxes that make product application a breeze. The downside about these containers is that they may not be suitable for viscous products as the cap can easily break causing a huge mess and time wasted on cleaning up afterward.   

This jar is perfect for tablets or capsules because of its small holes. The skin can absorb the liquid better. These containers work best with serums, and toners because they prevent dust from getting in and make it easier for you to keep your products fresh. 

There is no chance of the product leaking through. 

This type of container is best for oil-based products. The such a container is airtight so the product doesn’t turn bad quickly. If you are looking into getting this type of container, then look for one that has a pump so it will be easy to apply on your skin. 

One thing about such packaging is that they tend to get messy so keeping this in mind while you package your product will help avoid any contamination or big mess inside your storage room. 

The final thought: 

Packaging your skin care product is an important part of the marketing process. When you want to sell your product, you need to think about how it will be packaged. You can package your product in many ways. You should think about how much moisture the products will come into contact with and what type of material you would like them to be made out of- whether plastic containers with screw-on lids, jars with metal lids, tubes, or bottles. If you are selling online then find something that will ship well so customers won’t have issues receiving their purchase.