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Have you ever noticed that some men have full and thick beards and others don’t? It mainly happens due to genetics, hormones, and aging. Some men cannot grow full beards on their faces, and some can develop due to solid genetics. Whenever you are trying to grow a beard but not getting fruitful results, you are one to seek treatment. You can consider getting a beard transplant treatment. It is the most desirable way to grow a thicker and denser beard. You can consult a certified hair specialist to enquire about beard hair transplant cost. Also, you can get an evaluation of the scalp to know your potency to regain facial hair.

How to achieve healthy beard growth?

Both males and females have facial hairs. But men tend to get thicker and more visible hairs on their faces due to testosterone. At the age of puberty, men get hair follicles on their faces. However, due to genetics, many boys do not get proper facial hair growth. They often have a family history of hair loss that may impact the healthy development of facial hair. This can cause uneven and patchy growth of beard on the face. If you are one among those who are having patchy facial hair growth, a beard implant is a crucial solution. You can find beard transplant near me to get the correct pattern of facial hairs. A hair surgeon will relocate the follicles of your scalp to the face by using specialized tools.

Why choose a beard transplants?

A Beard transplant is a powerful solution to get facial hair restoration. It will not only give coverage to your face but also correct the lining of your beard. You can get the shape and style of your beard as you desire. During facial hair restoration, the hair surgeon applies hair to your cheek and neckline. Therefore, you will get whole facial transplantation with the required number of grafts implanted. You can choose the beard style to get rounded, curved, and straight facial hairs.

What to expect from a beard transplant?

First, finding the right beard transplant near me is essential to attain superior results. It would help if you got the treatment done by a certified hair surgeon. On the day of treatment, the surgeon will give you local anesthesia. This will numb the area to be treated and also the scalp. After that, the process of harvesting the hair follicles will commence. The harvested hairs will be implanted on your face with the correct pattern and style preferred. After the surgery is completed, you can return home. You will be able to recover from treatment in a week. The implanted hairs will fall off after a few weeks. This will allow new hairs to grow on the face with the preferred pattern and style.

Benefits of getting a facial hair restoration

Facial hair restoration is an excellent treatment for recovering the growth of a beard on the face. It can derive fruitful results by restoring fuller and thicker facial hairs. By using your body hair for facial implantation, they can get healthy facial hairs. An immune system that rejects hair from another donor would result in hair loss. Thus, your hair will suit your face best to derive superior results. Also, the beard hair transplant cost is lower than scalp hair transplantation. The price may also become low when you have a specific facial area to cover with hair.

Schedule your consultation!

You can find a beard transplant near me to undergo the treatment. The surgeon would evaluate your scalp during the initial consultation to derive donor grafts for facial hairs. The donor hairs will also be derived from the back of the head or other body parts. Chest hairs can be used if you have a specific preference for curly beard hairs. Hairs from these regions are thick and curly, so they can grow to match your particular beard growth requirements. Also, you can use beard grafts to conceal surgical scars on your face.

To sum up

If you think a beard transplant is right for you, it’s time to do yourself a favor. You can meet an expert to get your dream of having a full beard on the face. An expert hair surgeon will remove all flaws affecting your facial looks. You can visit the website of the best hair restoration clinic to learn about beard hair transplant cost. Also, you can see the reviews of previous patients and read their shared views.

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