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Renovating your house can be a big deal specially when it comes to renovating the architectural steelworks of your house, showroom, etc. The architectural steelwork requires anodised repair. There are numerous ways to get your architectural steelwork repairing done such as visiting a store and analysing their portfolios or you may also go for online websites such as ARS, etc. There are various such websites which offer you a one- stop solution for all such issues.

In this article we will be discussing the various kinds of architectural steelworks and the places where they may be installed.


The staircases installed in the showrooms, houses, etc are all usually made of the steel and therefore require the anodised repairs quite often. These staircases are available in various designs and patterns. You can also get these staircases and the architectural steelworks customized according to your wishes and requirements. The staircases are considered the best for indoor as well as for outdoor purposes. While it may corrode relatively faster in outdoor conditions, indoor areas are considered the best for them. Glass staircases are also in vogue these days which require the same architectural steelwork edges and railings.


The steel pillars which multiply the outdoor look of the house to numerous times also require the same steelwork. These are elegant pillars designed according to the customer’s requirements and needs. Since, these pillars are also usually placed outside the house, they are prone to the harsh weather conditions as well and require frequent repairs as well.

Lift Walls

The lifts are the major requirement of every high rise building these days. These lifts too are having the steelworks done on them. This steelwork done, protects them from the various unwanted damages which otherwise could have occurred in its absence. The walls which are made up of steel are the best suited for rough use and can bear minimal scratches and damages which may have compromised with the security of the lift.


The bridges and other architectural structures are the lifelines of the masses and require utmost protection and care in order to prevent the various unwanted hazards from taking place. The steelwork protects it from the corrosion and other such damages. It becomes extremely necessary that these public structures are taken care of and the minimum safety standard are maintained.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machineries are installed in the various steel plants and other such areas where the construction or the machinery work is required. These heavy machineries installed are coated with architectural steel paints. Heavy machinery requires frequent oiling and care in order to avoid friction which would lead to damages in future. In order to keep them in the working condition, the steel coating is supposed to be maintained.

Kitchen Finishings

The kitchen finishings in the various resorts and restaurants have these architectural steelwork finishings installed in their kitchens and mess areas. The steelwork coatings keep the areas clean and free of any unwanted external factors that could somehow put an impact or compromise with the quality of the food or the minimum standards that are to be followed.

Summing Up

The steelworks are the most elegant looking structures which are installed usually in places of public importance. These structures though amplify the elegance and beauty of a place but are hard to manage and require sufficient maintenance work in order to keep it new and polished. There are various kinds of paints available in the market for the steelwork surfaces but the architectural steelworks require the anodised repairs as they are the best for indoor as well as outdoor uses.

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