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Acid wash techniques use compounds like phosphoric acid to create patterns and colors on the fabric. A little soaking in the acid-based cleaner can restore a garment’s original color and make stains less visible.

To liven up a boring white tee, try your hand at one of these acid-wash shirt DIYs. Use old bleach and an old shirt to create a unique tie-dye style. No doubt, a bleach-wash shirt process also performs at home with little to no work.

You may either dip your clothing into a bleach and water solution or spray it on using a spray bottle. Always safeguard your eyes, skin, clothing, and work surfaces.

Try A Trust-Worthy Procedure

Your shirt will emerge from this process looking as good as new. The best aspect is that, contrary to first impressions, it still needs to eliminate the issue. However, a high-quality tee, such as the tried-and-true Port Authority Polo Shirts, is essential. Just in case the bleaching process ruins your shirt. T-shirt acid washing with and without bleach will be discussed here. Moreover, in this article, I’ll tell you precisely what you’ll need and how easily a tee can wash.

What Happens When You Put Acid In Wash?

Create your acid-washed T-shirt with little effort. Use a spray bottle to apply the bleach where you’d like it, or secure your garment to a bucket of water and bleach with a rubber band. However, protect your eyes, skin, clothing, and body no matter what you decide to do.


The following materials are required, regardless of the approach taken:

  • A tee shirt from the past (or a brand new one if you’re feeling adventurous)
  • Bleach
  • Sprinkle with a water bottle
  • A container for dumping out bleach water
  • Ligatures made of rubber
  • Protective eyewear Rubber gloves a surface you don’t mind ruining or one that is covered in newspapers

Method #1: Spray Bottle Flattening

First, fill a spray bottle with a solution of bleach and water.

  • The ratio of bleach to the water in the spray container should be close to 1 to 1.

The second step is to lay the t-shirt flat.

  • Place the T-shirt in an empty bathtub or on the concrete floor to prevent the bleach from staining other items. The clothing should be wrinkle-free and silky. Following these steps will allow you to saturate many T-shirts effectively.

The third step is to spray the clothing with the bleach mixture.

  • Apply the bleach mixture to the shirt as desired with a spray bottle. It is also possible to target specific areas with bleach spray to speed up the fading process. A word of caution: don’t try to create a pattern with your spraying. It will give your acid-washed T-shirt a striking, one-of-a-kind look.

In The Four-Step Process, Give The Bleach A Chance To Work.

  • It’ll take some time for the bleach to lighten the color of the clothing you sprayed. Furthermore, the spots on your shirt will fade if you wait long enough. Please wait at least 10 minutes for the bleach to do its job. The suggestion is to spray again after 10 minutes, then wait for another ten before rinsing and cleaning.

Wash the clothing in a washing machine and rinse it.

  • You can now wash the T-shirt after spraying it, as the ink will have dried. Wash the clothing by soaking it in a tub or pail of water and squeezing off the excess liquid. Bleach will be present in the water, so you shouldn’t reuse it for rinsing. Putting your finished product back into the same water can destroy it.

Method #2: Rubber Band Tie-Dyeing

Twist or crumple your T-shirt, and then secure it with a rubber band.

  • Do it the same way you did the tie-dye. The main distinction is that no unique twists or rubber bands are required to secure the garment. It is a myth that bleaching a polo shirt will dull its hue. Refrain from fretting if you wear a name-brand tee like a Port Authority Polo.

After that, combine some bleach with water in a bucket.

  • An acid-washed T-shirt requires roughly the same amount of bleach and water as the essential acid. Put the mixture into a bucket and give it a good swirl.

Thirdly, add the T-shirt to the pot.

  • Soak the rumpled T-shirt thoroughly in the solution. So, it’s essential to soak the T-shirt thoroughly in the solution.

Fourthly, hang up the shirt after removing it from the solution.

  • Remove the T-shirt from the liquid and cut the rubber band. The t-shirt should be hung outside or in a well-ventilated area to dry. Do not dry your clothing where the bleach can get on or damage it.

Bleach powder should be sprinkled on the clothing.

  • Dry the garment for 10–20 minutes, depending on how thoroughly you want the bleach to work. The final touch is to sprinkle a capful or a few spoonfuls of pure bleach on the chest of your shirt. Multiple attempts at this are possible. One possible solution is to apply bleach, wait 10 minutes, and then use other bleach.

A shirt should be washed, hung to dry, and worn only after it has been rinsed and dried.

  • After letting the garment expand, you should soak it in a tub or bucket of fresh water. So, the clothing should be rung out and washed on a standard cycle in the washing machine. Although hang the garment up to dry, it will look brand new! 


So, this is how you can safely use acid to clean tees in this way. I hope you enjoyed our article and share your acid wash experiences via the comment below. 

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