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Today, many T-shirts are increasingly diverse from colors, designs and styles. With the development of more advanced technologies to create the best variety of T-shirt material. The following article will help you choose the best T-shirt material for each outfit.

1. How to choose the right T-shirt material?

T-shirt material suitable for the outfit is essential, because they bring comfort when moving, suitable for the working environment. 

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2.1. Best athletic T-shirt fabrics

Ideal materials for hiking T-shirts are polyester and merino wool. This material is wick sweat, light weight, breathability, quick drying and antibacterial. Wool naturally resists odors since it is antibacterial.

For people who play sports or play golf, use a different T-shirt material. Good materials to use include cotton and polyester blends or 100% polyester. Stretch, breathability and moisture-wicking capability for comfort are key fabric properties for golf T-shirts. In addition, there are many golf T-shirts that also provide UV defense.

2.2. The best polo T-shirt fabric

A polo T-shirt has a similar structure to a T-shirt, but with two main differences, a polo T-shirt has a collar and a buttoned placket, T-shirts do not. The ideal polo T-shirt material is made of cotton, a cotton mix, or merino wool knit fabric. In particular, merino wool is a popular material used to create polo T-shirts. Because, it comfortably prints both hot and cold climates. This material is breathable in hot weather and provides effective insulation in cold climates.

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2.3. The best material for daily wearing T-shirts

In the hot summer, T-shirts are the perfect choice for outfit daily. Therefore, you should choose cool, light materials to make T-shirts. Some materials include cotton and rayon. The Hawaiian T-shirt is one of the best quality T-shirts  available. It is made from cotton, rayon, silk and mixes. Hawaiian T-shirts have attractive prints because they are printed on silk, cotton and rayon fabrics. Also, when printed on rayon tends to be sharp and distinctive. Besides, rayon is friendly with Hawaiian T-shirts in summer due to its superb drape and excellent breathability.

2.4. Seasonal best T-shirt fabrics

When it’s sunny, T-shirts with breathable materials become the top concern. So the best T-shirt material is usually cotton, linen and rayon in spring and summer. T-shirts made from synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are also very effective because they are breathable and comfortable.

In winter, it is advisable to choose a material with a heat-insulating effect for the T-shirt. Wool is the best widely used heat insulator. If made properly, winter T-shirts can also be made of polyester and other synthetic materials. For comfortable use, you should choose the right fabric for each different season.

2.5. Softest T-shirt material

One of the softest T-shirt material patterns is tri-blend fabric. It combines three different types of fibre to provide a texture that is soft and lightweight. Including 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon. T-shirts made from other types of cotton often cost a lot, as it creates a beautiful and soft shirt. For upscale T-shirts made from Pima and Supima cotton.

2.6. Best men’s T-shirt fabric

Do you know what the coolest men’s T-shirt material is? Silk is a cool and formal tee fabric for men. In addition, those who work outside the home such as the forestry or construction industries often choose to wear shirts made from different textiles. Because they have the ability to breathe, absorb sweat to help them stay comfortable when working. On the contrary, on chilly days they choose materials that effectively retain body heat, such as cotton flannel, wool flannel, wool fleece and polyester fleece.

best t shirt materialMen like to use T-shirts with lightweight, comfortable and airy materials.

2.7. Thick T-shirt material

One of the most important elements contributing to making a good T-shirt material is thickness. Especially, with cold weather, T-shirts should have a GSM weight of over 200 to keep the body warm, durable and stretchy. These T-shirts are made of wool, cotton and hemp. This material also helps the T-shirt to be less wrinkled and durable.

2.8. Jersey T-shirt material

Jersey is a flexible knit fabric, soft that was initially created from wool. Today’s Jerseys are also made from synthetic fibers, cotton and cotton mixes. The weight of the shirt is usually light to medium. Besides, the material is stretchy, absorbent, soft, breathable and well-structured are just some of the features that make Jersey a great fabric to use. Jersey is a versatile and versatile fabric. Whether you use it in a formal or casual situation, it is suitable.

We helped you know how to choose a T-shirt material for a beautiful outfit. T-shirts for everyday casual or something formal, this is the perfect solution for you. What are you waiting for?