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You can experience so much change in a single year of living in a new home. Despite this, it often feels as if time has flown past. What with the ups and downs of moving in, getting settled, and discovering all the idiosyncrasies of your new space, it can feel like you have barely had the chance to take a breath even though twelve months have gone by since you first received the keys. There is plenty of information out there about how to prepare for moving into a new home and what to do immediately after, but what about a year later? Many important aspects only rise to the surface once the dust has settled and you can experience the property on a regular basis. After a year of living in your new home, here’s what you can do to make the following years even better.

Deep Clean

Although you have only been able to accumulate one year’s worth of dirt and debris, a deep clean can be a great way to celebrate the anniversary of your move-in date. By getting into all the nooks and crannies around the house, you can explore it in ways you might have been too distracted to in the past few months due to the stress of settling in. It can also help you to feel more at home once your hard work has led to tangible results in the form of clean rooms.

Address Repairs

After a year of living in the property, you will by now have noticed any glaring issues that need repairing. If you are a DIY enthusiast, make sure to approach any repairs with caution and the right tools. If not, get in touch with the relevant professional who can solve the problem for you. Even new builds can have unexpected issues that the developer didn’t address before the sale.

Rethink Your Home Payments

It is up to you when you want to rethink your mortgage deal, but after a year it can be worthwhile to simply look it over and make sure it is still suitable. Changing deals can sometimes be the better option, although this often entails additional costs to bear in mind. Take a look at for more information about refinance loans. Once you have spent a year in your new home, you will have a closer understanding of how affordable your monthly repayments have been. Use this information to guide your future financial decisions regarding the property.

Redecorate and Rearrange

One of the more entertaining aspects of reflecting upon your year in a new home is finally deciding how your initial decorating and interior design choices can be improved upon. Many people are swept along in the excitement of moving into a new home and use this energy to paint the walls, redesign the kitchen, or play around with furniture layouts. Now that you have lived with those first design decisions, you can choose to make adjustments that better suit your current taste and preferences. Even though only a year has passed, you may find that your lifestyle has changed in surprising ways.

Make Upgrades

If the shower was always slightly leaky or the internet has been slow since you moved in, now is definitely the time to fix these problems. Small upgrades to various parts of the home can make even more of a difference now that you know what daily life is like in the property.

Unpack Fully

You may be one of the few people who takes it upon themselves to unpack completely almost as soon as they land in a new home. However, most people tend to unpack in stages. First the essentials are taken out of boxes, then a few items to make the place feel like home. Over the course of twelve months, you may still find a few belongings packed up and waiting to be used again. Now is your chance to find their place in the home and unpack fully.

Make Plans for the Future

While many changes can take place in one year, it can also be a short period of time when hoping for larger-scale change. If you are saving up to remodel the kitchen or replace the flooring, don’t feel pressured to do this simply because you have lived in the property for a year. Maintain an ongoing and dynamic list of projects you hope to one day get around to, such as painting the bedroom or retiling the roof. There are plenty years ahead to check these off your list.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to acknowledge that a year has passed since you first set foot in your new home. The above points are simply suggestions about how you can use your experience of the property so far to make improvements and set yourself up for greater satisfaction and gratitude in the years to come.

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