Tiling is one of the most preferred choices for home decoration. Whenever you look for Wall decor ideas or flooring ideas, the first thing that might strike your mind might be tiling. As is evident with their elegance and design, tiles can simply enhance your home decor without much effort. Tiling if done correctly, can enhance your home decor up to a great extent but if not done properly, it can simply destroy the overall look of your space. Here, we have listed some of the tiling mistakes that you can avoid making your home look appealing.

Common Tiling Mistakes To Avoid

Tilling on Unprepared Surfaces

One of the most common tiling mistakes is that people do not clean the surfaces before laying the tiles. For your tile to be installed correctly, it is important to have a clean and proper surface. If your surface will have some debris or some hard particles, then there are high chances that tiles may not fit perfectly.

Using Low Quality or the Wrong Type of Tile

Be it a tile or any other material, if it is of low or bad quality, you might not get the best results. The same is true for making the incorrect type of selection. If you select the wrong type of tile for your space, then getting the desired tiling design results is nearly impossible. Before purchasing the tiles, you should make sure that they are of high quality and suitable for the space that you are buying them for. You can find tiles based on the categorization of spaces. For example, you can find different tiles for floors and walls in a bathroom or kitchen. Do not make the mistake of using a single tile for every space. Every tile has a different feature.

Not Ordering Enough Tiles

This mistake is evident in almost every space where the installation of tiles is happening. But if you do not order plenty of tiles, then your work might suffer due to the unavailability of tiles. It not only wastes time but also requires extra effort to look for more similar kinds of tiles. So, to avoid this mistake, take a proper measurement of your space and make sure to purchase enough tiles to keep your work on schedule.

Choosing the Wrong Tile Size

Tiles are not limited to any particular size. You can find different sizes of tiles in the market. From small size to large size tiles of 600×1200mm, there are varied tiles available in different sizes. Be it wall tile or floor tile, you can find the different size of wall tiles and floor tiles. So, you should first think about the space where you want to install the tiles and how you want that space to look with the tiles. If the space is large, then it is recommended to go with large-sized tiles and for smaller spaces, go for small-sized tiles. For large spaces, medium-sized tiles can be preferred as well.

Not Planning the Tile Layout Properly

Planning is one of the most important home improvement tips anyone can give. Similarly, apart from the tiling design and fitting of tiles, it is important to focus on the layout of tiles, as this will determine the overall look of the space. Focusing on the layout will not only enable you to ascertain the number of tile cuts required, enabling you to order the appropriate quantity, but it will also enable you to validate that you do have the appropriate size tile for the area.

Cracking Tiles When Cutting

Tiles can easily crack, depending on the materials they are constructed of. Too many broken tiles can add up in cost and waste. A few preventative measures can be taken to lessen the incidence of cracked tiles. A diamond wet cutter is the best device to use for cutting tiles. To achieve an accurate cut while using the saw, be careful to use gradual, steady pressure. To avoid the chances of tiles cracking, always look for professional tilers.

Not Using Tile Spacers

To ensure a continuous and uniform spacing between the tiles, tile spacers are plastic devices that are either formed in T or crossing forms and inserted between the tiles. The spacer leaves a gap that the grout fills to give the surface a final symmetrical finish. The floor can have straight and uniform grout spacing thanks to tile spacers. It also allows for measurement of the tile while it is being laid out, labelled, and cut. Their use can improve the finishing of your space. Due to their ignorance about tile spaces, people do not use them, but you should not forget to use them.

If you do not want to hamper your space and are not in the mood to spend some extra bucks after the wrong installation of tiles, Then, make sure that you do not make any of the tiling mistakes listed above. Avoiding these mistakes is definitely going to save you from a huge loss and will save you time as well.