The reason to smell good may differ according to occasion and desire. Some want to enhance their well-being; some want to make a statement/impression, and others may apply perfume to smell fresh. Perfume and fragrances seem complicated but are intrigued by everyone. Each perfume has a unique fragrance, and therefore it is unwise to pick up the bottle that looks great or has the ingredients you are looking for. Instead, it is essential to see if it suits your skin and is not allergic to you. Also, understand how it smells when applied to your skin, as fragrance may differ from person to person.

The perfume you buy should suit your personality. And, scents are determined by three elements: fragrances, notes and their concentration. If one knows about these factors, it becomes easier to decide what would be the best for them. Let us understand these three in detail.


The theme is also called accord, which creates variations among designer and cheap fragrances and is dependent on the base upon which the perfumes are formulated. The four common bases used in the formulation of these perfumes are:


a. Citrus:

Extracted from fruits that are rich in citric acids, such as oranges, lemons and so on that fall under the category of the citric family. These are light and always smell fresh.

b. Earthy:

Scent formulated from minerals and non-flowering plants such as cinnamon, vanilla, honey and sandalwood.

c. Musk:

Musk notes are sweet and seductive. Earlier, these were made using the sacs of animals, whereas now, they are formulated synthetically.

d. Floral:

Florals are the most common accord in the industry of perfumes. The notes of the floral theme are made using the essence of flowers, which are strong, clinging and sweet.



Notes of the perfume are also known as the impressions of the fragrance. There are three types of notes: the top, the heart and the base.

a. Top Note:

Tope notes create the first impression of the fragrance. Though it attracts people’s attention, it quickly dissipates.

b. Heart Note:

It is the body of the perfume. It tells what fragrance is all about.

c. Base Note:

The base note last-longer and lingers in designer fragrances, after the top note, and the heart note dissipates.


The last element is the concentration of the perfume. The concentration tells us about the purity of the perfume and the amount of perfume oil added to it. The purest perfumes are extremely volatile and may irritate when applied to the skin. Therefore, it is suggested to use perfumes that are mixed with ethanol, or maybe water sometimes.


The most concentrated among fragrances are perfume extracts. They are meant to be in small quantities and are used on the body’s pulse points. These perfume extracts are Eau de parfum, and after that, the eau de toilette, which is the most concentrated and, is often used by the people.

Tips on Buying a perfume

  1. Do not buy a perfume just because you like it or it smells good on someone else. You should know that it is not necessary if the perfume smells good on others, smells the same on your skin.
  2. Always look for a perfume that expresses your personality. Buy fragrances keeping in mind that they are the extension of you.
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