When hunting for an apartment, you will look for features that guarantee a quality of life. It would help if you had an amenities inventory to help your search. Amenities are non-essential or unique features in a building meeting specific lifestyle needs. They give residents something convenient, useful, or entertaining to enhance their lifestyle. And tenants don’t need to leave their apartments to enjoy these special features. Before signing a lease agreement, discuss which amenities an apartment offers. Here are nine amenities you should consider when picking an apartment.

1. Outdoor Space for Recreation and Relaxation

Boredom can take a toll on you if you spend a lot of time indoors. An outdoor space within your apartment unit provides passive distractions. These include playing, walking, sitting, and relaxing in public. Busy lifestyles also limit chances for people to interact with each other. So open outdoor space makes a place livable. They provide a communal space where people meet to relax and interact with nature and other people. An outdoor entertainment area with features such as a grilling station and a terrace with enough seating and shade will be suitable for celebrations with family. Residents can enjoy a space with a lot of greenery or a swimming pool with a tanning deck. Community gardens, libraries, auditoriums, and picnic areas help to create a strong sense of community. A library can provide a peaceful atmosphere for reading. An auditorium to enjoy movies with your family and neighbors.

2. Kid Zone and Playground

If you have kids, you should look for kid-friendly features in an apartment. Make sure an apartment has enough amenities to fulfill your kid’s needs. Luckily, many units are dedicated to offering kid-friendly features to accommodate more families. Complexes are creating playgrounds with slides, swings, see-saws, and jungle gyms, among other items. You can also get some apartments with childcare units with assigned workers. Onsite daycare allows parents with young kids to have a space where they can leave their kids to play and socialize as they go to work or run errands.

3. Lifestyle Amenities

Lifestyle amenities enhance your life in an apartment. This is especially true where it’s not located close to a shopping center. People cannot survive without facilities such as convenience stores, restaurants, bakeries, and ATMs. Look for places like apartments in Echo Baytown that provide amenities that cover the diverse needs of the residents. The apartments have a business center with conference rooms and a hospitality lounge. People occupying the apartments have access to different kinds of shops and services. They can buy what they require within the apartment community. Sometimes, apartment units far from towns also provide community transport to local public stops.

4. Fitness Center

An onsite fitness center in an apartment community is a great feature for tenants who like to stay fit. More people have realized the need to embrace fitness and shed a sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, property developers are including fitness-related features in their projects. Time constraints can reduce your motivation to work out. However, a fitness center within your reach means that you can exercise very early or late at night. You can even return home to freshen up after your workout and leave for your job. So all you need is to have your workout gear and water bottle. Apartment complexes with indoor fitness centers have zero to low fees. This means it will cost you less to access exercise facilities than a gym membership. The 24/7 gyms in some of the apartments also have advanced equipment that meets all your training needs.

5. Parking Space

Onsite parking is a major plus for any building. Street parking is frustrating, time-consuming, and exposes your car to damage or theft. So onsite parking facilities are some of the essential amenities you should consider for the safety of your vehicle. You will be less disturbed knowing that your automobile is not in a dangerous place. It is also much safer to get to your house when you come home from a late night at the office since you don’t have to park far away. Find out how much it costs to access these facilities and the availability of many parking spaces if you have several cars.

6. Pet-Friendly Features

If you are a pet owner or planning to get one, choose a pet-friendly apartment. Remote employment has contributed to robust growth in pet numbers. This has, in turn, made pet-friendly apartments have more demand. More apartment complexes are setting up pet amenities for tenants. Pet-friendly amenities you will likely get in apartments include pet washrooms and in-built dog parks. You can look for apartments emphasizing in-unit features that make your pet’s life enjoyable and manageable. For instance, private balconies make it easy for pets to get fresh air without having to go out. High-quality vinyl flooring is more suitable than a hardwood floor since your pet cat or dog can easily scratch it.

7. Power Back Up

Quality and enjoyable living require accessibility to a continuous power supply. But power failures are likely to occur at one time or another. So it is necessary to have a generator that can be a reliable power backup source. Remote working requires you to have continuous access to electricity. Working from home means you will be using your devices anytime. Reliable power backup is also needed for the elevator to function at all times. Especially where there are people with health complications. Aged individuals who can not climb stairs have to use the elevator.

8. Kitchen Amenities

An updated kitchen will motivate you to cook and invite family or friends for dinner. Look for a well-equipped and modern kitchen as one of the key amenities. Builders may provide walk-in pantry closets, gas cooking, or a fully-renovated kitchen that meets your lifestyle and needs. When searching for a house, find out the kitchen amenities offered. Most of the features renters are looking for are available. So you can go for a building that gives you what you are looking for in a kitchen. Maybe your ideal kitchen has under-cabinet lighting in the whole kitchen, energy star appliances, and granite countertops. You can get an apartment that offers these features and more.

9. Bathroom Amenities

Getting useful and quality bathroom amenities in a new apartment gives you peace of mind. However, this does not refer to the basic features that all bathrooms should have. For example, bathrooms need to have quality flooring and walling materials. An in-house washer and dryer is a popular amenity you may have to look out for in a unit. That way, you can wash clothes in the comfort of your home. It saves you trouble hauling your clothes to the local Laundromat or the apartment’s laundry room.


There are many things to consider when looking for an apartment. Builders offer amenities depending on things such as needs in the market. They also consider the availability of resources for amenities like parking space. An apartment complex may not have all the amenities you need. And some might have those that are not crucial to you. Therefore, it’s good to know those you value most to look for them before you sign a lease. The list above contains some amenities you can put on your list. Prepare a list of needs and wants. Then consider amenities that will help you fulfill them as your priority.

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