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The Qatari government is trying to expand the country, particularly in discovering housing and residential units, in light of the influx of ex-pats moving to Qatar as the nation prepares to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Doha was once thought to be the only place ex-pats could look for apartments to rent, but this has recently switched. People are becoming more open to relocating outside of the capital, primarily due to other cities’ improved infrastructure and capacity to meet residents’ needs, as well as the abundance of options available to those looking in Barwa Village Apartments for rent in Qatar.

Barwa Village Apartments For Rent Components

The Barwa Village Apartments for rent were constructed on 400,000 square meters of land by the highest international standards. With designs that drew inspiration from the State’s local heritage, an integrated city offers residents, traders, and visitors all the modern conveniences they could desire. The village’s built-up area is 186,000 square meters, comprised of 18 residential units and commercial structures. These complexes provide 96 studio apartments, 262 one-bedroom apartments, and 100 two-bedroom apartments, in addition to 918 high-quality shops and various activities. In addition to a mosque, restaurants, parking garages, and green spaces, the Barwa Village Apartments for rent have a health club, an international school, a nursery, a medical clinic, a shopping center, and shops and workshops.

Budget-Friendly Area

Al Wakrah, situated on the eastern side of Qatar, just south of Doha, is one of those locations. Initially a tiny fishing and pearling village, the city has grown into a large town with more than 30,000 people and is now regarded as one of Qatar’s major cities.

Residents of al Wakrah have access to many affordable rental apartments, and Barwa Village is a well-liked option. Two- to three-bedroom homes and occasionally four-bedroom villas are available for rent in Barwa Village. This is ideal for anyone needing additional space because the rooms can be used for storage or even as a home office. The neighborhood and its compounds are well-liked by families and individuals with middle-class incomes because they are thought to be very budget-friendly.

Expansion Of Barwa Village

The Barwa Real Estate Group has added a brand-new phase to the village of Barwa to expand it through the advancement of an additional building with global specifications and quality, spanning 11,094 square meters of land, with a construction area of up to 34,492 square meters. The Barwa Village Expansion Project includes 177 condominiums with a variety of spaces, a hypermarket, and 71 commercial units to fulfill the requirements of restaurants, shops, fairs, and retail outlets.

Barwa Village Apartments For Rent Strategic Location

In addition to its closeness to the most significant service development facilities, the village of Barwa’s strategic location adds several desirable characteristics at the commercial and residential levels. It is connected to an advanced network of highways and main roads, with access to advanced and multiple transport facilities like the Doha Metro and the public transportation system.

Services And Occupancy Rates 

Barwa Village offers a range of services 24/7. To create a sustainable environment that satisfies the needs of the recipients of inhibitors and traders, as well as visitors and guests, these services include security and safety, hygiene and upkeep of facilities and equipment, as well as also the provision of integrated solutions to commercial projects to which businesses and organizations are looking to expand also their operations in the village of Barwa and also increase profits. The rate of apartment rent in the barwa village expansion was 96% for apartments and 72% for shops, compared to 87% and 88% for apartments in Barwa village.


Renting an apartment in Barwa Village is an excellent option for anyone looking for a cozy home within a specific price range. The one- to two-bedroom apartments in Barwa Village are all spacious and available for rent. Due to their location within a community, you will also have access to amenities like gyms and swimming pools.

Most workplaces and offices are in Doha, so if you choose to live in Barwa Village, be sure your transportation is covered, as you will need to travel between the two cities every day.


What amenities are available in the village of Barwa?

A health club, an international school, a quality nursery, a clinic, a market, a mosque, restaurants, parking spaces, and a variety of green spaces are among the project’s amenities available at Barwa Village.

Where is Barwa Village located?

Barwa village al is a master-planned community situated in the Al Wakrah neighborhood and represents Barwa’s dedication to communities outside of Doha.

The 18 low-rise commercial and residential complexes that makeup Barwa Village, which has an overall area of 400,000 square meters and a built-up area of 186,000 square meters, provide 918 retail units, 96 studio apartments, 262 one-bedroom apartments, and also 100 two-bedroom apartments.