Hepatitis is a disease that leaves major impacts on the liver. You know that the liver is among the internal organs without whom life will not continue. The liver plays a role in keeping the body healthy by removing impurities from the foods that we consume.

There is a classification of hepatitis into five categories: A, B, C, D, and E. Among these, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are common, and other types A, D, and E are not common. A person can experience hepatitis B, C, and D when he comes into contact with fluids of another body.

According to the liver specialist in Rawalpindi, when you consume contaminated food or water for a period of time, then there are high risks of hepatitis A and E. in addition, some other reasons such as eating raw oysters as well as shellfish can also increase the risks of hepatitis. These foods usually increase the dangers of hepatitis A infection.

Hepatitis is among the diseases that spread very fast in society. And it can be really fatal because it really affects liver health. In addition, it can also make your liver permanently damaged. Eventually, it will become really difficult to recover from this damage.

Therefore, hepatologists recommend that patients with different types of hepatitis need to consume a specific diet to prevent liver damage. The role of a specific diet will be crucial because it will not improve your liver health but also make the process of recovery fast.

Foods that you will include in your diet will be easy on your liver. In addition, these foods will also not make your liver work hard. All these benefits of a specific diet will make your liver healthy.

Tips to Avoid Liver Damage

Here are tips for preventing liver damage caused by different types of hepatitis:

1. Whole Grains

As mentioned above, patients with different types of hepatitis don’t have many options but to consume a specific diet. This diet will be equally beneficial for your liver and also speed up the recovery process.

Among these foods, whole grains will be the first to be included in your diet for hepatitis. People are using whole grains for thousands of years, for maintaining good health and getting enough energy to live a healthy life.

It does not matter which form of whole grains you consume. The important thing is the consumption of whole grains. Whether you consume them in the form of bran, cereal, or porridge. In addition, you can also include other whole grains such as wild rice or corn in your diet that will also contribute to your liver.

In addition, whole grains are also full of vitamins and fiber. They can also provide you with protein and minerals. The consumption of whole grains can also fulfill the need for antioxidants and will prevent many diseases.

The use of whole grains will not only be effective for your liver but also for your heart. Some studies confirm that whole grains will lower the risks of many heart conditions. Therefore, unfortunately, if you experience any type of hepatitis, then immediately start using whole grains in healthy amounts.

2.Fruits and Vegetables

Without consuming fruits and vegetables, it can become difficult for anyone with hepatitis to recover from it. The chances of liver damage caused by hepatitis will significantly increase if you don’t make fruits and vegs a part of your life.

For maintaining overall health, it is necessary for people to consume fresh and healthy fruits. Fruits along with vegetables are full of many nutrients. These types of foods are really easy to digest and they also leave many positive effects on your health.

Many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants in healthy amounts that will be effective in preventing the liver from being damaged. However, starchy foods may not be much good for your liver while experiencing hepatitis. Consulting with any hepatologist about using starchy foods such as potatoes while experiencing hepatitis will be an effective option.

Additionally, frozen foods or processed vegetables or fruits will also not be a healthy option for your liver. These foods can leave negative impacts on your liver while experiencing any type of hepatitis. Therefore, don’t use them even if you don’t have the option of fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Olive Oil

It is important for people with hepatitis or any other disease to consume healthy fats. Please, read the previous line again. I just said healthy fats, not all fats.

Many people think that they are consuming fats from different sources. But they don’t know the type of fats, whether it is healthy or unhealthy. While experiencing hepatitis you need to consume healthy fats from healthy sources such as olive oil as well as flaxseed oil.

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