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Comics books are ruling as the favourable entertainment choice all around the globe. The Japanese comic books, known as manga books, have greatly contributed to this genre. Various types of comic books are released daily, but some of them have created a special place for comic book lovers. Various anime series inspired by manga books are trending now among various age groups. Some of them are Naruto anime, Attack on Titan Anime and Dragon Ball Manga, which are Manga Comic Books or anime inspired by them.

Manga has created a massive audience for themselves and a loyal fanbase through their remarkable stories and worldwide loved characters. The easy access to these manga books is the main reason for their global success, as they are translated into many languages. In the current era of the digital world, e-book versions of manga are also introduced online at the providers like Japanese Gallery, which was accepted widely.

New users are daily joining the virtual world of manga. The confusion may hit the new users as there are uncountable Manga Comic Books available in the market. So here you can find the best manga books which are evergreen till now.

Find Best Top-Rated Manga Series Of All Time

Dragon Ball Manga:-  There will be no argument that dragon ball has impacted a lot of audiences with its adventures and action-filled story. Many parts of this series continue to drive the audience crazy toward the comic book genre. The craze speaks for itself as this Dragon Ball Z manga series rules from 1984 to 2018 with the last one of super dragon ball heroes. The story revolves beautifully between two generations of Goku’s family. The series keeps shining in the other parts like Dragon Ball GT has carried the adventure of the story and runs the story elegantly. This manga series perfectly shows the adventures journey with the action sequences in martial art form. This series can be a perfect one to start with if you are new to the manga world; even the veteran still goes for it repeatedly.

Attack On Titan Manga:- The Manga series, which was considered one of the darkest Manga Comic Books and one of the most successful manga also. The story is about the post-apocalyptic era when humanity is almost on the verge of extinction. In the story, the humans are joining the military formed to fight the titans, who are the giant creature that eats humans. The success of this manga book leads to the creation of four attack on titan anime series, which shatters the records.

Naruto Manga:-  The mainstream of books and manga can be considered naruto as its highlights point. The various naruto books have beautiful stories and scenes depicted which uphold the story. The maximum audience has watched Naruto anime as their first anime show and entered the world of manga. This series is not only famous for its best fighting scenes or the journey of naruto but also its characters. Along with Naruto, you can find Itachi lovers. With a mixture of various emotions, this series is truly loved worldwide now.

Akira Manga:- The renowned writer Katsuhiro Otomo wrote the series, which was a great success. Especially after the release of this book, the movie adaptation Akira anime was a blast all around the world.  The sci-fi genre attracts the user with the visualisation of the city NeoTokyo, which is now a desert due to a nuclear attack. The series contains a decent flow of story inclusions with social problems in society. All 120 chapters have wrapped a perfect story hailed as an amazing comic book or Akira manga.

There are enormous manga series available in various classic genres. There are many best-written Manga series, and the list is endless; these are the series you must opt for. You can find the most popular series in the list of top series in one place at the Japanese gallery store online.

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