Bidets are getting more popular and for some people, they have become a must-have bathroom accessory. People around the globe, particularly in Europe, Japan, and South Korea, are starting to buy more bidets, and here are the top 8 benefits which will make you get one.

They are more sanitary

So, a bidet is a bathroom fixture that uses a water stream to wash your genitals. It is cleaner, more hygienic, and substitutes the use of toilet paper. A stream of water will clean up your mess, so you don’t need to use your hands. This prevents the germ spread and it eliminates hand use. This is important because we spread most of the germs with our hands, and not everybody washes their hands after using the toilet.

Cost efficient

Toilet paper is not the most expensive thing in the world, but with time, the cost can reach a very high sum. The benefit of the bidet is that it requires only water and electricity, and the only real use for toilet paper is for wiping the excess water, in this way toilet paper rolls can last much longer. If you don’t want to use paper rolls, you can always switch to towels, but that might prove a bit more expensive than using a few pieces of paper. If you want to save even more money, some bidets have power-sawing functions and adjustable water pressure so you can control the number of resources that you use.

Good for health

Some people have a problem whit constipation and hemorrhoids, and it’s a hell of a problem to have, literal pain in the ass. In this case, bidets are the solution from heaven because you don’t need to use toilet paper. Also, toilet paper can be very harmful to your anus, it can cause friction on the skin. High-end bidet toilet seats have a warm water option which leads to more comfort, besides that, you can use the air dry function to eliminate the usage of toilet paper. Bidets can be very beneficial after surgery in sensitive areas and can make the bathroom process much more comfortable. Bidet leaves your bottom much cleaner, and many people reported relief from itching and bleeding after changing from a normal toilet seat to a bidet,

They are practical

As we previously established, bidets can replace toilet paper, but besides that, they are easy to use and install. There are two types of bidets. The first one is a porcelain type that is placed next to the toilet, and the second one is designed to attach to your existing toilet seat. It depends on what you want for your bathroom, but the second one is probably the better solution because it saves space, and you don’t need a plumber for installation. The downside to the one that’s attached is that you need to require an electrical outlet.

Fewer toilet clogs

By using water alone, the use of paper is minimized and the toilet clogs look like a thing of the past. People still tend to throw random stuff in the toilet, so toilet clogs still happen, but not as often. The positive side is that you probably save money on the plumber because with a bidet, you`re toilet will be clogged-free.

Eco friendly

Today, people are trying to make a difference by saving the “lungs of the world”. The amount of resources that are required for producing one roll of paper is outstanding, and by reducing the usage of paper we will make a positive difference. Switching to a bidet from a standard toilet seat will not make a huge difference, but it will help save valuable resources like water and trees.


The best Side of the bidet is that you always leave it clean and fresh, and that is so important. It is a small thing but it helps so much whit your mental state, especially after a difficult surgery in sensitive areas. Maybe you had diarrhea for the past few days, imagine the pain of using the paper constantly. By using only water, the bidet helps in these types of situations and it can come with an option of a warm seat which will make it even more comfortable.   

Promoting independence

Bidet makes toileting easier for older people that have problems or difficulties with cleaning themselves. It can help with personal self-esteem, who likes to be taken to the toilet by someone? At that age is important to feel good about yourself. A bidet can help people that are old and people that have disabilities but besides that, it can be good for small children that have not been potty trained totally. Modern bidets have a knob that can be turned on/off easily which can help out small children and people with difficulties.

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