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The academic course of nursing is very demanding and requires extensive involvement in it. The nursing theories are the sources which work by providing necessary information about the nursing practice. In such cases, the level and type of care or the specialty of the medical practitioner is neither considered nor does it not matter. Many nursing theories are surfacing after the first one was put forward in the 19th century by Florence Nightingale. The theories are the base of the nursing concepts which revolve around the person, health, environment and nursing. 

The fundamentals of nursing concepts are known as the metaparadigms. This works by providing a skeleton for making the nurses understand the essentials of nursing practice. The metaparadigms guide the nurses through nursing education and the correct approach. It also forms the basics of the ethics of the profession. Assignment Help Cairns services can help in explaining the theories of the fundamental concepts of nursing. They provide high-quality solutions to the nursing assignments as the experts belong from the same field and are the best. It is a profession which is not only guided strongly by the different parameters and demands of the profession but also the ethical and legal aspects. 

Many nursing personnel agree with the above-mentioned components. Lets discuss them in detail: 


The person referred here is the patient, who is the major or focus area of the care being provided by the nurse. The quality of care can never be compromised. Otherwise, any malpractice will lead to the occurrence of legal and ethical disruption in a particular nurse’s profession. The relationship between the patient and the nurse must be very clear. The role of communication is critical in the nursing profession as 50% of the nursing responsibilities are done verbally and 50% depends on action being taken. 


The environment, as the name suggests, is the space in which the nurses work. It is the physical space in which the patient is kept and are taken care of. The energy in the space must be positive so that the patient takes part in their recovery journey. It is that area which is affected by a number of people, patient, patient’s family and friends, and also a caregiver, if they are associated with the patient. Ideally the environment which the patient needs is a comforting, healing and dignified one. Such environment can encourage the patient to recover properly. 


The first person to give the definition of health was Florence Nightingale in the 20th century, a war zone nurse, as indicated by Virginia Henderson. Florence Nightingale said that health can be defined in the simplest of manners by keeping the aspects which can be done by oneself for oneself. Like breathing normally, maintenance of body temperature, eating and drinking in adequate proportions, moving voluntarily as it keeps the physical fitness in place, grooming and dressing the body, making adequate and proper communications, expressing emotions, taking part in learning process as well as recreational activities and lastly, sleep peacefully and properly. It is very stressful for a person when they become dependent on others. Nurses are a very integral part of the care team which helps any such individual regain their independence, if possible.


It revolves around the scope of helping the patients who are in discomfort and are unable to do things on their own. This job is not easy as it requires head, hand and heart. You need, both, professional knowledge and empathy to act in any situation. The goal of nursing fundamentals revolves around providing a positive environment which can heal the patient. Even in absence of such, a comfortable journey to the end of life.

Nurses are tagged as leaders as they are the ones who act first when any crisis situation happens. But the entry points are always and as usual difficult which can be overcome by practicing the fundamentals of nursing. The framework and guidelines are important to abide by so that no breach takes place.

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