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Although Tom Knife and Cyberknife are both radiotherapy, there are still differences between the two. Tom Knife is tomotherapy, and Cyberknife is stereotactic radiotherapy. In terms of tumor treatment, Cyberknife has obvious advantages over Tom Knife NHS discount code.

Treatment of intracranial tumors. The advantages of CyberKnife in the treatment of intracranial tumors are relatively large, with good effects and few side effects.

For the treatment of tumors with large intracranial areas, this is also the advantage of CyberKnife. And there is no need to implant a stent in the head during treatment.

For benign intracranial tumors, the control rate of Cyberknife can reach 97%. Tom Knife is tomotherapy, not stereotactic radiotherapy NHS discount code.

Compared with the positioning accuracy. Although the position is accurate with Tom Knife, the positioning of Cyberknife is more precise.

Due to the more precise positioning of the Cyberknife. The curative effect is better, and the damage to the surrounding healthy tissues is less NHS discount code. The side effects are also smaller, and the recovery is faster.

Cyberknife treatment does not need development, 1-5 times of radiation is enough. Although Tom Knife does not require general anesthesia. It requires local anesthesia, and the number of radiations needs to be 5-20 times.

therapeutic range. In terms of appearance, the biggest feature of Cyberknife is its precise and flexible robot arm. This precision robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom provides optimal spatial expansion and mobility for treatment.

There can be as many as 1200 beams in different directions. So that the radiation dose can be delivered to the lesions all over the body. The radiation can be irradiated from any angle.

This not only greatly reduces the damage to normal tissues and important organs around the tumor. But also effectively reduces the Occurrence of radiation complications.

Tom Knife is 360-degree rotation, 51 radians, Omnidirectional tomographic scanning irradiation, online imaging system to determine or precisely adjust the tumor position.

However, the treatment range of Tom Knife is still not as good as that of CyberKnife. The Cyberknife can be irradiated in any direction in any direction, and the target point of the Cyberknife can move with the movement of the center of the lesion caused by the patient’s breathing.

Track location. Although the Tom Knife has dynamic tracking and positioning, the tracking and positioning of the Tom Knife are not as good as the breathing tracking and positioning system of the CyberKnife.

What kind of knife is a good knife

We often see the question: “Is such-and-such a knife good?” So what kind of knife is considered a good knife? This is a question for different people, let me talk about the concept of a good knife in my mind Boohoo Discount Code NHS.

Excellent Design

The design of a knife is good or bad, first of all, it depends on its design purpose. The design of fighting knives and hunting knives is obviously different.

There is no one-size-fits-all knife. Secondly, the quality of the design depends on whether it conforms to ergonomics and the way it is used.

For example, the handle of a knife is very tightly combined with your hand when you hold it upright and is very comfortable.

Awkward, but whether you need an underhand grip or not depends on its purpose. This is why dagger handles are usually straight and hunting knives are usually curved.

Good Finish

Well-designed but poorly built and not even reliable is not a good knife.

Excellent Heat Treatment

With the same material, but different heat treatments, the performance of the knife will vary greatly, and excellent heat treatment will give full play to the best comprehensive performance of the material, that is, a balanced combination of hardness, toughness, retention, sharpness, and polishability.

Temperament fit for its purpose.

Every knife has its temperament, or unrestrained, or elegant, or sharp, or reserved, but each temperament should be in line with its purpose, a tactical knife should have a tactical flavor, and a gentleman’s knife should have a gentleman’s flavor, misplaced. It is not a good knife.

Affordable Price

The price that everyone can bear is different, but the price is not the standard to measure the quality of a knife. If you feel that what you pay is worth it, it is a good knife for you.


  • Tai Chi Knife
  • Skill


Ji Dao is a martial art that pays great attention to practicality. Just as Mr. Wu Nanguo said in “Inner Family Tai Chi Kung Fu Mysterious Sword”.

“For those who use the knives and knives, they can’t show their magic without using them, and how can they show their spirit without changes.” Compared with the majority who tend to be vain in Performing routines, Tai Chi sword single moves, and routines.

They all appear unpretentious, concise and smooth, practical, and have strong practicality. Every knife and gesture must be down-to-earth, strictly abide by the rules, and pay attention to internal strength and law.

From the point of view of fortune, the basic characteristics of Taiji Dao are toughness and softness. Just as the master said: “Laughing and learning swords has grown old, and I know how to kill the enemy with the sword.”

The common sword techniques of Taiji Dao are machete, chopping knife, lifting knife, cloud knife, chopping knife, spatula, bayonet, hanging knife, and collapsing knife. The characteristics of these saber techniques are brave, imposing, accurate force point, strong and powerful, yet flexible, quick, and crisp.

For inoffensive movements such as chopping, chopping, cutting, chopping, cutting, and poking, the speed of the knife must be fast, the force must be fierce, the movement should be in place, and the point of force should be accurate.

The heart, that is, the mind, is a function of the brain. To practice Tai Chi Knife well, you must attach great importance to heart adjustment.

The basic knife shape of a Taiji knife is the product of mental adjustment, that is, the mind. Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu, and Sun’s Taiji swords all imitated the things of nature, created corresponding image thinking, and combined with the needs of actual combat or fitness to form a relatively fixed knife shape.

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