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So, you are aiming to write PhD proposal for predefined research. Well, that is good. However, do you know what this research is? Do you have an idea of the writing guidelines for this proposal? If yes, then it is okay. If not, then you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the writing guidelines to compose a proposal for predefined research. However, before moving on towards the guidelines, let’s explain what this research is. Hence, let’s get started with the topic by answering the following question.

What Is A Predefined Research Study?

A predefined research study is a scholarly study in which the teacher or research supervisor provides you with everything. He provides you with the research topic, which may be novel, and the research aims and objectives. Along with this, he also sends you the possible research questions that can be derived from the topic. Such a study is partially complete. The reason is that the major work is already done by the teacher. As the researcher, you only need to perform a little research on the given topic and format the proposal.

Writing Guidelines For Composing A Proposal For Predefined Research

The PhD proposal is a blueprint for your research study. Whether it is a normal research study or predefined, you have to craft a proposal and get its approval. Getting a topic from the teacher does not mean that it is approved. There is still a lot to do to prove that you can conduct research on this topic. For this, you need to write a proposal. Hence, the top writing guidelines for composing a proposal for predefined research are as follows:

Craft a powerful introduction

The first and most important guideline is that you must craft a powerful introduction for your research proposal. It is the introduction that grabs the attention of the reader and makes the first impression. In this section, state the research problem that has been provided to you by your teacher. Along with this, highlight the significance of the predefined research study that you are going to carry out. All in all, craft a powerful introduction.

Write an insightful literature review

The literature review is done to gather information about previous research studies that have been done on the chosen topic. Such a review mainly does two things. Firstly, it allows you to have an idea of the current body of knowledge and secondly, it enables you to find the research gap that you can address. A literature review is the backbone of a predefined research study. Hence, make sure to collect information that is relevant to the provided topic. However, if you cannot search for such information, ask for help from a reliable PhD dissertation writing service.

Give justifications for your research

In the proposal of the predefined research study, you need to justify the investigation. It means, as the researcher, you should tell the practical applications of your study. You must highlight the practical side of your research investigation and why it is worth studying it. Discuss how the new knowledge that will be gained through your research study will be helpful in solving the research problems. All in all, in the proposal, you need to highlight the importance and significance of the research study.

Discuss the preferred research methodology

Research methodology is the heart of a PhD research proposal. It is where you expand on the methods that you intend to use to conduct the predefined research. Depending on the type of research, the research methodology can be qualitative or quantitative. There are different methods for these two different methodologies. Hence, you must choose the methods that suit your research the best. This section provides you with a research plan.

Talk about the probable outcome

Whenever a researcher starts working on a research problem, there is a probable outcome in his mind. In your case, you must also have a probable outcome in your mind. Take that outcome out of your mind and discuss it in the PhD proposal. Convince the readers that the outcome is very effective and impactful. Also, if you have any methodological limitation in mind at that time, discuss it. Doing so makes you look honest and increases the research study’s credibility.


Writing a PhD proposal is necessary. It does not matter whether you work on a simple research study or predefined research. However, there is a difference between the proposals of predefined and normal research studies. In the case of a predefined investigation, the researcher already has the research aims, objectives, and questions in hand from his teacher. All he needs to do is discussed the above. Hence, read the information above and structure the proposal.