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Moving to a new house, shifting your wardrobe or maybe just re-organizing your old wardrobe, even a slight shift from your current location demands huge packaging which can at times turn out to be messy and time consuming at the same time. Packaging Express, the leading wholesale merchant in the UK brings to you one of the best wardrobe storage boxes, packaging materials, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc. These specially designed wardrobe storage boxes can be used for various purposes as they are hard, sturdy and durable. Here’s a brief description of a few wardrobe storage boxes and other packaging materials that can ease your pain of packing and moving.

Wardrobe Storage Boxes

Packing is not at all an enjoyable task. But, why worry when your wardrobe storage boxes come with hanging rails? Just use them whenever and wherever you want to and you are good to go. These storage boxes are double walled to ensure the safety of your items placed inside them. These boxes have an open side so that you can simply stuff your accessories in them for a hassle free experience.

Single Wall Boxes

Perfect for shipping light weight materials, these single wall boxes come in various sizes and can be customized according to your needs. Whether it is packing and moving your clothing items or even delicate accessories, these boxes prove to be a boon for the packers and movers companies to ensure the safe relocation of your assets. These are available in various types such as Five Panel Cartons, Tuck In Top & Bottom, Tuck In Top, Folding Box With Locking Mechanism etc, keeping in mind the requirements of customers.

Double Wall Boxes

These double wall boxes are meant exclusively for heavy and sturdy items such as furniture parts, electronics, etc. Primarily used in the packaging industry for warehouse and courier services these double wall boxes are the strongest of their kind and can handle the weight much more than the single walled ones. Easy and convenient, these are the best storage boxes providing maximum security and safety to your products. These boxes too are available in Five Panel Cartons, Tuck In Top & Bottom, Tuck In Top, and Folding Box With Locking Mechanism. Efficient and convenient, they will prove to be the best fit for most of your needs.

Packaging Materials

It becomes the primary duty of the packaging industry to ensure the safe delivery of packed goods. Packing fragile materials while maintaining their safety is the greatest concern and in order to keep up with the promises, they provide a huge number of packaging materials ranging from bubble wrap, and corrugated paper to bubble envelopes, etc. While bubble envelopes can be used to safely keep fragile items in place which are prone to damage while in transit.

Corrugated papers can on the other hand be used to keep the shine and gloss of the products and also prevent them from unnecessary scratches while in transit. The bubble envelope is also one of the most important packaging materials as it ensures the safety of the product placed inside it and at the same time, it is designed with a sealed end to make sure that the product does not slip at any cost while being transported.

Edge Guards

The edge guards are the most important packing materials when it comes to the safety of sharp edged products such as electronics and furniture, etc. While these guards are meant primarily to prevent the corners and edges from getting damaged, they at the same time ensure that the structure remains maintained throughout. These edge guards come in various shapes and sizes and are customizable as well according to the needs of the customers. Designed with precision and care, the edge guards serve as an ultimate saviour to the packaged products. These edge guards are eco-friendly and made from recycled paper keeping in mind the safety of the environment as well.

Summing Up

The packaging industry requires quality sturdy materials which can make sure that the items packed inside them remain safe till they get delivered to the doorsteps of the customer. While in transit, they go through rough handling which almost doubles the chances of their breakage. In order to provide their customers with peace of mind and utmost safety, Packaging Express, your one-stop solution brings almost all types of packaging materials.