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What are the top 8 platforms to find free scholarly articles?

Sci-Hub is among the top platforms to retrieve free scholarly articles. Sci-Hub is the largest website that provides access to millions of research papers from reputable sources. It provides mass access to research papers and articles to the general public. Sci-Hub was created in Kazakhstan to address the inequalities that exist in access to knowledge. It is a popular website and used by researchers worldwide. According to the reports compiled by Sci-Hub,

Finding scholarly articles, especially free scholarly articles, is a difficult task. Every research requires finding the relevant sources for your research. However, sometimes researchers cannot retrieve the desired articles from reputed journals for their research. Many reputed journals charge a subscription fee for accessing the articles.resume is up-to-dateresume is up-to-date There is a silver lining for researchers because there are some platforms out there that you can use to find scholarly articles. This article will tell you about the top platforms to find free scholarly articles.

it claims that the website contains approximately 85, 258,448 articles in pdf format. These scholarly articles belong to various fields and subjects.

Searching a scholarly article on Sci-Hub is quite easier. It is trusted by hundreds of dissertation writers working with best dissertation writing services. You just have the enter the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) in the search bar, and Sci-Hub will retrieve the pdf format of the article for you. You can download it for free and incorporate the source for your research. Sci-Hub actively searches for contemporary and latest research papers published by reputable journals and incorporates them into the databases. Researchers can access a rich repository of free scholarly articles without paying a single penny. Sci-Hub provides access to a journal article from almost all the prestigious journals, such as:

  • Elsevier
  • Springer/Nature
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • American Chemical Society
  • Willey Blackwell
  • Royal Society of Chemistry


Lib-Gen is an online library for accessing free scholarly articles from various fields. Researchers can access scholarly articles published in reputable journals. Lib-Gen archives include scholarly articles retrieved from Elsevier’s Science Direct         web portal. Lib-Gen’s motto is to disseminate knowledge and make the research freely accessible to the general public. Researchers and avid readers can access free journal articles and books from Lib-Gen. Searching a scholarly article is quite easy with the help of Lib-Gen’s advanced features. Here is how you can access a free journal article using Lib-Gen

You can narrow down your queries by choosing the following filters:

  • Search by Title of the Journal Article
  • Search by Author (s)
  • Search by Series
  • Search by Year
  • Search by Publisher and DOI (Digital Object Identifier)


CORE houses free scholarly articles from multiple sources and databases. CORE is an open-access library that archives scholarly articles, and users can read and download the articles freely. CORE includes research articles from multiple disciplines and the latest research published in prestigious journals. Users can access more than 219 million research papers for free. The purpose of CORE is to disseminate knowledge and provide free access to the latest research papers. Researchers can access the full-text articles by clicking the links to the journals’ websites or downloading them directly from CORE. CORE has a pretty much straightforward keyword search option.

Users enter their queries in the search bar with the relevant keywords, and CORE’s algorithm operates to fetch the respective scholarly articles. Researchers can also use advanced search filters to narrow down their search. For example, you can search an article by Author’s name, publication type, journal name, language, and title. CORE has a friendly user interface, and you can search the relevant articles by selecting the filter “most recent” or “most relevant”. CORE has a collection of 219,537,133 scholarly articles.


ScienceOpen serves as a network for research and publishing that provides open access to more than 74 million free scholarly articles in all branches of science. Registration is free even though it is required to see the complete text of articles. The incredibly sophisticated advanced search option lets you locate the precise information you’re looking for. Researchers can also bookmark the research articles for future usage. Users can also track the citations at ScienceOpen. ScienceOpen provides access to 74,560,631 scholarly articles.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The directory of Open Access Journals is a platform to access free scholarly articles from multiple disciplines. The platform provides access to peer-reviewed journal articles. Searching for an article is quite easier. You can search by entering the relevant keywords or browse by Author’s name or subject area. The website contains more than two million articles retrieved from 17,193 journals. You can access research articles in natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The purpose of directory of open access journals is to increase the accessibility and visibility of published research.

Research Gate

Research Gate is among the top eight platforms for accessing fee scholarly articles. It is a platform to disseminate knowledge and make the research accessible to researchers. Many research papers from reputable sources are free to download. You can access research gate’s free articles from Google Scholar or by visiting the website directly.


Elsevier is an open-access journal which provides access to free scholarly articles to researchers. Elsevier articles are highly credible and archived from reputable sources. Researchers can access scholarly articles from fields such as cardiology, anesthesiology, business research and social sciences. Gold open-access journals are free; you can read or download the articles. 


Another reputable academic journal publisher is SAGE. For researchers, academics, and the public at large, its open-access website provides papers that comply with the strictest peer-review criteria. You can access free scholarly articles from SAGE in multiple fields such as natural and social sciences. Many research papers related to the pandemic and social science issues are freely available at SAGE open.


The above-mentioned websites provide access to free scholarly articles. These platforms have made the research process easier and more flexible. Researchers do not have to pay to access articles online. They can use these free sources to search for the relevant literature.

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