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The woman went to visit her husband in jail and he was on a conjugal visit

The fact that two women starred in a street in La Plata, Argentina, quickly went viral through social networks because of visiting her husband when he was on a conjugal visit.

An unusual event occurred on the outskirts of Penal Unit No. 9 of La Plata, in Argentina, when a woman went to visit her husband who was in prison but found an unexpected response from the security guard.

It all started when the wife of the prisoner went to the facilities to pay a routine visit to her partner, however, when she was going to enter the place, the security guard told her that she could not, since the person she was going to visiting was having with a conjugal visitor who received minutes before.

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Given this, the man’s wife, surprised by the officer’s response, decided to wait for the woman, who was inside, and outside the Penal Unit.

Once the mistress left the prison, the subject’s wife violently approached her and told her: “You came to treat yourself to someone else’s husband.” Despite the fact that the woman involved did not say a word, this man’s wife rushed towards her and began to beat her along with two other women who appear in the video.

“Look, I don’t care about anything, rescue yourself with the husbands of the gauchos. It was not enough for you to go to bed with one that you come to bed with everyone,” added the woman as she continued to attack her on the ground.

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Finally, a person had to intervene to separate the women and end the fight, but even so, the subject’s wife stole the lover‘s cell phone when she was going to get up from the ground.

The fact was recorded through a video that quickly went viral on social networks, where several netizens made all kinds of comments about the act that both women carried out on a street in Argentina.

When the mother-in-law’s meddling breaks up a marriage

The conflict between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law is one of the main causes of divorce in our country (Catholic and family), above the son-in-law-mother-in-law relationship. Excessive attachment to the mother is considered a cause of ecclesiastical nullity of the marriage by the Church.

After a few years leading numerous separation and divorce processes as an expert lawyer in family law (defending both the interests of men and women), I would like to conclude that lack of respect and consideration, in all its forms, towards the other spouse and the meddling of the in-laws, which includes the repetition of inappropriate parenting patterns, are the main causes of couple breakups.

The conflict between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law is one of the main causes of divorce in our country (Catholic and family), above the son-in-law-mother-in-law relationship. 

Excessive attachment to the mother is considered a cause of ecclesiastical nullity of the marriage by the Church. In some family therapy centers, this bad daughter-mother-in-law relationship accounts for up to 43% of consultations, that is, almost half of the cases.

According to all the experts in marriage therapy,

because in this field the consensus is unanimous, and from my professional experience, they agree that when you marry someone, that someone becomes your new family, the nuclear one, and that family creates (with or without children) is the most important. The couple must be very clear that above the blood family is the created family.

Faced with the intrusions of the in-laws, after the complaints of the wife or wife, it is the child, without a doubt, since the only one who can stop a mother, who must set limits and be very clear that the family she has formed with her wife/husband, by her own choice, “her own family”, is more important than her “family of origin” (parents). Any other attitude produces great friction and sparks.

The husband must understand that the daughter-in-law, due to education, lack of confidence, and lack of assertiveness, cannot stop her mother-in-law’s feet. If on top of that, the daughter-in-law, who does not know or can set limits on her mother-in-law, when she goes to her husband for support of her, he does not listen to her, she starts forming a time bomb.

It is about those mothers-in-law who are protective and very present in the lives of their children, who use manipulation, unconditional help, and grief to manage to supplant, on extreme occasions, the daughter-in-law. The son must be independent and mature, as well as, he must understand that the daughter-in-law cannot feel the same filial love that the children feel for their mother. floor mats cleaner

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