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Companies and Professionals who want to emerge (and not drown!) from the vast sea of ​​Online Communication through social networks must find a way to get noticed.

Your communication, to be effective, must be sincere and useful for those who listen to you.

Through Social, you can give your Potential Customers Emotions, Information, and Concrete Solutions to their problems.

In this way, you will win their attention, which is the most valuable thing to get for your company.

A person attentive and interested in what you say will be a person willing to trust you and buy your products and services!

How to Communicate on Social Media: Choose Your Words Well

To succeed in this aim it is essential to change the perspective with which we observe things and describe them.

Target vs. =Audience

In marketing, we always tend to talk about the target, the target to hit.

If instead, by paying more attention to the words we use, we start talking about the public, then we realize that even the description of the strategy we implement softens and becomes more “human” (after all, it is people we have to talk to!).

If we have a target to hit, we necessarily approach the strategy to be built with an aggressive, impetuous attitude.

If, on the contrary, we have an audience to talk to then everything changes.

We don’t have to fire shots or shoot anyone down. We must rather build relationships, weave the fabric of dialogue, and encourage a comparison based on trust and the exchange of value.

Our attitude thus becomes softer, and more attentive to the needs of our interlocutor.

Practice the Communication of the gift

Rather than focusing on telling ourselves, let us concern ourselves with solving one of his problems, providing him with useful information, food for thought, and solutions. That is, let’s work to build a narrative that we can define as “gift communication”, a communication of the gift through which, over time, we will build significant relationships based on Trust and the perception of exchange of value.

After all, if the customer doesn’t trust you, why should they choose you?

Build your Social Community

An approach of this type, based on dialogue, allows the Brand CC Community to be built and strengthened over time, i.e. a “specialized community, detached from a specific territorial context, based on a structured set of social relationships between admirers of a brand” (Albert M. Muniz, Jr. and Thomas C. O’Guinn).

Social Networks are not showcases for sales, but Opportunities for Dialogue!

Structuring a network of users with similar interests and passions around you and your brand can bring numerous advantages to your company :

  • Stimulate word of mouth
  • Increase the recognition of your brand
  • Increase the public’s sense of belonging to the universe of values ​​that your brand represents
  • Increase public trust in your brand
  • It allows you a relationship-based dialogue with your audience
  • Close the distance between you and your audience
  • It allows you to get to know your potential customers better
  • It helps you calibrate your commercial offer in detail
  • You can turn community members into loyal customers
  • Loyal customers will be the first promoters of your brand

To build your community you must:

  • Produce quality, useful and interesting content for your target audience
  • Move the dialogue to the most comfortable terrain not for you but for your audience
  • DO NOT be self-referential
  • Always consider the point of view of your interlocutor
  • Maintain a constant and ongoing dialogue

Content is the King: content is the King of your Communication Strategy!

To be able to create quality content that is interesting for your audience, you need to know your audience’s priorities, intercept their latent needs and convey your editorial plan on the platforms that your audience finds easy to use.

If you are not visible, you simply do not exist!

The Numbers and Statistics of the Main Social Networks

Below are some numbers relating to the main Social Networks that can help you get a general picture of the scope of On-Line Communication at both a social and commercial level.


  • almost 3 billion monthly active users and 36 million in Italy
  • over 30 million users in Italy log into mobile every month
  • 1 million hits every 60 seconds
  • 41,000 posts published and about 2 million “likes” clicked on every minute 


  • over 1 billion monthly active users, 26 million in Italy
  • 30 minutes is the average daily time of use
  • over 30 billion photos uploaded
  • 70 million photos uploaded every day
  • 3 billion likes clicked per day


  • 1.3 billion registered users
  • 330 million monthly active users
  • 500,000 tweets per second
  • 65 million tweets a day
  • 1 billion tweets are launched every week 


  • 2 billion users access YouTube every month
  • visitors watch over 1 billion hours of video every day, generating billions of views
  • 36 million users in Italy
  • 1 billion hours of content viewed every day
  • over 4 million videos are viewed every 60 seconds
  • YouTube can be browsed in 80 different languages ​​(thus covering 95% of the Internet population)


  • nearly 600 million total users
  • 260 million monthly active users
  • over 20 million company pages

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