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In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of people who have come to be known as influencers. You may be one of those who recognize themselves as an influencer and make a living out of it, or you may know somebody who is.

Regardless, managing the content that these influencers produce can be quite challenging. These are self-employed individuals with unique reach and audience. Let’s look at how you can manage influencer content for better results.

1. Set Clear Goals and Expectations for Your Campaign

Before you start any campaign with an influencer, it is vital to have a clear understanding of what your expectations are. If you want the influencer to reach out and gather content from users, you need to remember that they will reach out to a pool of people who are different from you. You need to know what kind of posts your influencers will be creating and how they will impact the campaign.

It is also important to know the end goal of the campaign. If you are looking at growing your subscriber base, influencers might not be the right option for you. However, if you want to reach out to a specific audience and increase your brand awareness, influencers can be a valuable resource for you. Knowing the end goal of your campaign will help you make better decisions about how to use influencer content in your marketing campaigns.

2. Give the Influencers a Chance to be Creative

When looking for influencer content for your campaign, it is important to understand how your influencers will create their content. For example, some influencers might prefer to do a lot of research before planning their posts. In this situation, they may be able to create a complete set before they start creating the posts. Other influencers might have more natural tendencies, plan out their posts immediately, and create a series of evolving posts.

It is important to let the influencer know what kind of content they will be creating, so they can plan their posts correctly. If you have expectations, you can also choose influencers who are more likely to meet those goals.

3. Create a Program for the Influencer

Influencer campaigns can be quite expensive. It is important to know your campaign’s budget and plan how to use influencers. Some influencers may have a price range, while others may be more expensive or inexpensive, depending on their reach and the quality of content they produce.

When creating an influencer program, it is important to understand how you will pay for the campaign. You could pay an upfront fee to the influencer or be willing to provide a product or service in exchange for the posts. This can be useful if you know that the influencer has a certain number of posts they will be creating and a certain number of likes they will get each time.

4. Protect Your Brand

As you are working with influencers, it is important to understand how they will protect your brand. This can be something that you need to give to them explicitly or that they will understand over time. You can ensure that the influencer understands the importance of positively representing your brand by creating an agreement with them.

When considering safety and protection, it is important to look at your brand’s reputation. It is not a good idea to outsource your brand’s reputation. For influencer marketing, it is important to ensure they post positive content.

5. Treat the Influencers Professionally

When it comes to influencer campaign management, you need to do more than just set expectations and goals. It would be best to consider how you will work with the influencers.

Just because they are not your employees does not mean they do not deserve professional treatment. If you want them to treat your brand’s reputation with respect, they need to understand that you respect them professionally.

6. Communicate Your Needs Clearly

Influencer campaigns can be great ways by which you can create a lot of content. However, it is important to understand that the influencers are not employees with fixed working hours and schedules. You will need to communicate your scheduling needs clearly and ensure that your influencers understand that they need to be online when you need them.


There are a lot of ways by which you can manage influencer content. The options described above are great places to start, but you must remember that your business goals may be unique and develop a strategy specifically for your situation.

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