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Recreational games which can be played along with a group of people are Recreational and the best way to spend quality time with your friends and family. They are also the ultimate way of testing your relationships. Board games, puzzles, and bowling alleys are always more approachable options than road trips. Road trips, in most cases, end on a discordant note. But now there is a new popular entry to the itenary – escape rooms.  

What are escape room games, you ask? Well, escape rooms are essentially live-action escape game experiences. The themes vary from mystery like in MR.X, Shanghai, to superhero themes like Clue Chase, New York, and the movie-styled escape games in Breakout Escape Rooms, Bangalore, and much more. In an escape game, you will be required to form a team after voluntarily locking yourself in a room. You must figure out the door code to escape the room. 

Escape Games- A detailed explanation  

The first escape game started in Kyoto, Japan, under a publishing company named SCRAP in 2007. This 5-6 players game started in a single room, but now it has become the Real Escape Game Event which annually hosts thousands of players. Since 2007, escape rooms have become a massive global phenomenon, with more than 50,000 rooms spread worldwide. 

Escape rooms were conceptualized from LARPing or Live Action Role Playing games and “point and click” escape games. Escape games started as live-action games, but recently, quite several virtual escape games are also available. Escape room games are usually appropriate for both kids and adults. If certain games are too harsh or brutal for minors, it would be stated in the rules section. 

As stated before, you enter a locked room, form a team, and figure out the door code in an escape room situation. So, how do you find the door code? You try to figure out clues inside the room (or rooms) and solve certain puzzles to break out of the room. You must be able to escape the room within a stipulated time limit successfully. Usually, around 60 minutes are allotted for each game. Since you chose a themed room, you may also have to complete specific missions related to the theme. 

To become successful in an escape game, you must choose your team well and communicate with them. A game master will introduce the room scenario to you, and you must listen to the rules well. Everyone will not be good at everything. So, you must divide your team into seekers and solvers. List out your tasks, and each person should focus on a particular task to speed up the process. 

Escape games heavily rely on logic and reasoning. You must use your creative and cognitive skills to crack the code. Ask for hints if you get stuck. One crucial trick in an escape game is to think outside the box. Escape games are a fun and exciting way of using your brain faculties without making the process seem boring. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of escape games. Escape games are one of the most popular activities for corporate outings, family events, and even birthday parties. 

How do Escape Room Games test your relationship? 

Escape room games are time-sensitive and exciting games. The game requires you to be quick on your feet and to have a creative outlook on the problems. When you are with your loved ones, you will see how they react in a stressful situation, their problem-solving skills, and their treatment of their teammates.  

Are they clever and dependable? 

Your significant other will be accompanying you in your personal life. In an escape room, you have to prioritize specific tasks over others. You may get stuck with different opinions and answers; how your partner deals with the situation matters greatly. In real life, you need someone clever because, unfortunately, problem-solving is not just a skill requirement for a game. Their choice of answers will also reflect their mindset. You need someone dependable in life, and their interaction with such a high-tension game will give you more insight into their mind. 

How do they handle a stressful situation? 

Escape room games are stressful and time-sensitive. You must always watch the clock, lest you run out of time. When you are running out of time and making little progress, it is straightforward to lose your cool. In real life, you will face similar situations. If they lose their cool in a friendly game, it will only worsen in the face of harsher adversity. 

How do they interact with people? 

No man is an island; we must maintain healthy interpersonal relationships to survive. Group activities encourage cooperation and interaction with people who are not very familiar with us. When you are stressed or feel like you are lacking, it is effortless to blame or react harshly towards each other. Notice if your partner is communicating and cooperating well with their teammates. If they become impolite or quarrel with their teammates in a game, they might be worse when it comes to a lover’s spat.  

How do they treat you in the game? 

You and your partner are here to play together. They must share at least similar concerns and motivations, right? But in the face of a possible defeat, they might act differently. Look carefully into how they handle failure and if they respect your opinion. They must not be too casual or overzealous in the game. This might become troublesome in real life. Primarily focus on how they treat you in the game. If both of you have conflicting opinions, even if they disagree with you, hope they are not being disrespectful to you. 

Whether good or bad, there is a life lesson everywhere. You can learn a lot about a person by how they interact with others inside a game. Since escape games are such a fun way of testing your camaraderie with your significant other, try them at least before building a family. 

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