Is your water heater facing leakage issues? Does the water pool near the water heater right from the hot or cold water pipes? Leaking water from the water heater is a pervasive problem that occurs due to various reasons.

These reasons can be loose valves, the problem with the pipes that directly connect to the unit, excessive water pressure in the tank, etc. Apart from that, if your water heater is too old, it can also cause leakage, and in this case, the only solution is to replace it as soon as possible.

Now, if you ask how to repair a leaky water heater, then the solution to this issue ranges from easy to complex. According to top water heater repair Riverside experts, most people think about replacing a water heater when the water heater leaks. However, it is not always the case, and there are many fixes which are simple that can solve the leakage problem.

Causes of water heater leakage

According to top water heater repair Riverside, many causes of leakage depend upon a few factors. That means, sometimes these factors are small, which can easily be fixed by homeowners, and some are big and need to repair a water heater professionally. Let’s discuss some of the common reasons of water leak in water heater: –

  • If you own a water heater which is installed in your home for more than 10 years then it’s time to replace it as it can start leaking anytime.
  • Professionals take the help of a drain valve to flush the water from the water heater tank. When this valve gets loose due to regular opening and closing, it will start leaking.
  • Due to the age of the water heater, the sediments get build-up in the tank, which creates rust in the bottom, because of which the tank cracks.
  • The water heater has two connections inlet and an outlet through which water enters inside the water heater. When these connections lose the time, it forms a leak.
  • Every water heater has T&P Valve, which helps in releasing pressure inside the tank. The time when this valve stops working, the pressure inside the tank increases and needs repairing.

How to repair a leaky water heater?

  1. Close the water heater tank water supply valve or turn off the water

To fix the problem of leakage in the water heater is to turn off the main water supply which is coming inside the tank. When you do this, the cold water will not enter the water heater tank and will not damage the tank further.

Moreover, if for some work you need hot water, ensure to turn off the shut-off valve. Basically, it is located right above the water heater near the cold supply line.

After shutting off the valve, it’s time to fix the leak.

Look at the water supply lines.

To fix the leak, have a look at the plumbing pipes, which is above the water heater. You may notice water dripping on top of the water heater, and then it starts its way along with the insulation, and it looks like the water is coming from the water heater itself.

Apart from that, also pay special attention to the water supply lines which are going inside the water heater. These pipes are pretty rigid tubes which are a common cause of water leaks and offer a sign that your water heater needs replacement.

However, if you have installed insulation on the tubes, make sure to remove them and check for leaks. Moreover, if there is a leak in flex pipes, you must turn off the water supply and power to do work. Remember, if you are not comfortable working with a water heater yourself, call a licensed professional plumber as they know how to do the whole process effectively.

Tighten the loose pipe or inspect the water heater nipples

If you notice the water is coming from the cold water supply line and the hot water pipe, you must tighten the loose-fitting with the help of a wrench. However, if you have tried and it’s not in your hand, you want a water heater to repair, Riverside.

Check T&P Valve

This is another possible place of the leak, which can create havoc if not attended to on time. The leak in the T&P valve is a very serious issue and will not begin to leak unless there is a big problem.

According to experts, if you have diagnosed the valve recently, then there are chances that the valve is not sealed correctly. In this case, you must reinstall the valve or tighten it with fresh plumber tape to solve the issue.

Moreover, the other case may be that the water heater is heating too much water because the valve is leaking. Well, the first solution to this issue is to adjust the temperature. Furthermore, the leakage in the T&P valve also shows the water pressure of your home is relatively high, and the pressure regulator of your home is not working correctly.

However, if this is also not the case, then the last solution to this problem is the replacement of the valve. For that, you must call the professional, or you can do this work yourself by first turning off the water that is going inside the water heater tank.

Also, check the drain line.

In many cases the leakage is found in the drain valve but the leakage water will come from the bottom of the tank. This is another common area of leakage in water heaters. Sometimes when you drain or flush the water heater tank, the drain valve fails to close completely.

According to experts, this drain valve is capped with a hose cap which needs replacement to stop the water from dripping.

Check the bottom of the tank.

After inspecting all the parts of the water heater, if you haven’t found the leakage, then it’s time to check the bottom of the tank. With time, the sediments get deposited inside the tank, leading to rust that quickly eats the bottom of the tank.

However, this rusting processing can be slowed by draining and flushing the water tank. But if your water heater tank is already leaking, the solution is to replace your water heater without thinking a second.

The reason is the broken water heater tank cannot be repaired.

The bottom line

In the above post, you have read all about how to repair a leaky water heater. But keep one thing in mind, if you have enough knowledge about the water heater, then only start fixing the water heater yourself. However, if not, then calling a professional top water heater repair Riverside will be the wise decision. But ensure only to contact the best company for the work otherwise your hard-earned money will get wasted. To find the best expert, research thoroughly and then take the final decision.

The reason is they are highly trained, skilled and qualified enough for the job and will not damage your unit.

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