Instagram is a video-sharing platform where you can make your presence known to the world. You can also increase your YouTube popularity.

With our world now increasingly dominated by video, this generation trusts video more than text. Getting the most views on YouTube should be the first goal of every YouTube creator. But not everyone knows how to get more views on their first YouTube video.

However, I am going to tell you in this article how you can get more views on YouTube; if you want to know how you can get views on YouTube, then for this you have to read this article completely. I will show you the whole process in this article. After this, you will not need to go to any other article related to this topic.

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Create content that no one else has created

Make videos that your users desire to watch, and your videos will be more likely to be seen. if you generate material that is user-friendly.

If you haven’t supplied value to people via your content or if you don’t want to provide value to users through your content.If this is the case, you should avoid content marketing.

That’s why Google stresses the importance of making your content user-friendly. Because of this you can easily get more views on YouTube 

Create playlists instead of individual videos.

Have you ever wondered why big YouTubers make playlists of their videos?

Playlists help a lot in developing videos than individual videos because if you click on a video that is part of a playlist, as soon as that video ends, the other videos will play automatically, and that’s part of the playlist. Is part of. 

Users will be able to locate this video without having to search for other videos on our site. This will help us boost the number of views on our films.

The playlist has the advantage of not requiring the user to click on our second video. Our second video will instantly begin playing on his YouTube account.

customize the YouTube video description

If you want to get more views then you have to optimize your video description. When optimizing the description, make sure to add your keywords inside the description.

It is very important to combine your keywords; Otherwise, the user will not be able to search for your video and your description should also be unique. Because unique details will be able to play on YouTube,

If you copy anything, then the option to copy will come on your YouTube channel and the same word should not be highlighted again and again in your description, this is what makes the description unique. will be of great help; The free views of your YouTube videos will increase.


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