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Pregnancy is considered to be the most significant stage of a woman’s life. Proper care and adequate medical service are needed during such crucial time. Proficient maternity health insurance ensures that the needs of expecting mothers are met in the best way possible. If you are a frequent traveller, you need to opt for it along with a proper accident insurance policy to be safe while travelling. 

Here are the benefits of a maternity plan while travelling. Read to know more!

Having financial support in times of need

The main purpose of having maternity health insurance is to have financial support during any kind of medical emergency. It is a fact that women need more attention and care during the term of their pregnancy. It is beneficial for both them and their children. Since medical facilities cost a lot, it is always a sensible decision to have maternity health insurance. 

Travelling requires you to spend a huge amount of money on booking tickets, planning your stay, etc. If any health-related complication takes place during this time, you will not have to arrange the money for treatment at the eleventh hour. Maternity health insurance amount can greatly help the mother and the child with their treatment. Thus, it is very beneficial and well-rewarding during times of financial distress. 

Pre- and post-hospitalisation charges are covered

Pre and post-hospitalisation charges when taken into account separately can make up a huge amount of money. This can topple down the entire plan of organised expenses during any kind of medical assistance or emergency regarding a pregnant woman. You do not have to worry about travelling when you are pregnant. Even if you face any slight discomfort while travelling, you can use the cashless benefits scheme to avail the services using your maternity health insurance. 

Most accident insurance policies also cover these charges and help the policyholders in the convenient handling of their expenses. These charges can vary from one hospital to the other, and cannot be stated as a fixed amount by the insurance providers. 

Providing coverage to the new-borns

If you buy any health insurance, the new born child gets counted in that after he or she has grown 3 months old. The period for taking a newly born child under the protection of family health insurance is 90 days. To keep him and his health secured for these 90 days, there is no better option than buying maternity health insurance. This will not only help the parents of the child in taking his or her care but will also shoulder the financial burden on them regarding any medical assistance in times of need. 

Unlike any accident insurance policy, it covers more features that prove to be helpful while travelling. If you buy an accident insurance policy, it will not have inclusions suitable for a new born child. Therefore, having maternity health insurance is helpful in times of pregnancy for a woman. 

Covers the bills of private hospitals as well

If an expectant woman is travelling from one place to the other, she must have maternity health insurance to support her in times of need, both morally and financially. While travelling, you cannot expect your regular hospitals to be available within your reach. There might be different hospitals, be they government or private. 

In case you have to take help from a private hospital regarding the health of the mother or the baby, you can reach out to them without any worries. The bills of these hospitals are also covered by the maternity health insurance plans that you buy. One thing to be noted is that you must check if that particular hospital is registered with your insurance provider. If not, you can consider seeking medical assistance from some other hospital. 

Cashless claiming of the insurance 

Cashless services give the policyholders the liberty to not carry out their transactions with cash. You can simply raise a claim and not have to carry cash to the hospitals or other concerned offices. It saves the hassle of carrying a large sum from one place to another, as there is a high risk of the money getting misplaced or lost. In case, cashless services are not provided by the accident insurance plan or maternity health insurance, you can ask for reimbursement of the amount. It is usually done within 7 days.

Free from financial stress 

If you are an expecting mother and if you have proficient maternity health insurance in place you can be free from all kinds of financial stress during your travel hours. You can relax and take care of your health instead of worrying about it all the time. Having a proper health plan will ensure you are well-protected from every medical proceeding. You can also be stress-free which eventually promotes your mental health. 

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