There are countless ways in which you can propose marriage to your partner. While many opt for extremely creative or outlandish marriage proposal ideas, sometimes a simple idea does wonders too. You must opt for something that you know would work well for you and appeal to your partner.

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Here are 6 Marriage Proposal Ideas That Never Fail:

Get Them to Solve a Puzzle

If you are looking for a marriage proposal idea that makes you look smart and brings a smile to the face of your partner, you should prepare a custom puzzle for them. There are many companies that will create a puzzle as per your instructions. While proposing, you should help your partner solve the puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, they should see the message “Will You Marry Me?” written on it. After this, you can propose to them formally with a ring.

Fill a Room with Pictures

Handpick a bunch of pictures that celebrate the special memories shared by you and your partner, get them printed in a physical format and put all of them nicely in a room where you plan to put across your proposal. Revisiting some of the best memories with your partner would work very well when you propose marriage to them. This will also make your partner understand that you hold all those memories very close to your heart.

Arrange for Live Music

Opting for a simple proposal is not a bad idea. However, you should embellish it with a few elements. Instead of playing pre-recorded music, it would be wise to hire a few musicians and get them to play a romantic musical piece when you propose marriage to your partner. Getting an instrumental version of your partner’s favorite track played wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Seek the Services of a Chef

Not just men but women also feel appreciative of good food being served to them. If you are not a good cook, then you should hire a chef when you plan to propose marriage to your partner. You could either ask them to prepare your partner’s favorite dish or put together a lavish gastronomical setup. Hire a chef whose cooking abilities you are aware of and approve of.

Mid-Air Proposal

The speaker set up in an airplane is used for conveying important information to the journey that passengers would find useful. The staff makes these announcements from time to time. The same speaker system can also convey your marriage proposal to your partner. You can go behind the mic to speak your heart out. Before doing this, you must get the requisite permission from the airline authorities.

Put Together a website

These days, creating a website doesn’t cost much money. If you have the time and inclination, you could put together a website that celebrates your relationship with your partner and use it to propose marriage to them. This website could contain pictures, blogs and other content that gives one an idea about the bond the two of you share. You could launch the website the day you propose to your partner.

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