Fashion is everywhere. People always look forward to dressing their best, even if it’s a casual day. You would always want to rock that random trip to the park with friends or a dinner date at KFC because an ugly look and feel is no option in the present times.

The good news is that you can carry a perfect casual look by following certain rules. So let’s first look at the history of casual style and then dig deeper into the ingredients that will make you the star of every occasion.

History of casual style

Did you know there is a history behind casual style? It has roots in the small Scottish town of Aberdeen. The casual look took birth in a football club when everyone decided to wear shirts with their name on them. The club’s founders wanted to do something entirely different and hence created a football style that was unlike any other. Furthermore, the football fanatics understood that the key to style is comfort; hence they knew that wearing a top-notch brand is not always the answer to building a fashion statement.

The Elements of A Casual Style

If you are going to a grocery store, you can still pull off a look that will make those heads turn. All you need to know is that a relaxed look has its own elements and features. Depending on what works best for you, you can start styling yourself. One more good thing about casual style is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg; hence if you are on a budget and believe that style only comes with money; you will be surprised to know that is only a misconception.

So without further ado, let’s look at the features that make your casual attire stand out.

1.     Loose fit shirts

Loose-fit shirts never disappoint anyone. Hence if you want to pull off a look that makes sure that you’re comfortable yet chic, then start your hunt for casual shirts in Pakistan and pair your favorite one with comfortable denim jeans. You can make your hair as you like and still steal the limelight.

The best thing about loose-fit shirts is that they are unisex. So along with offering women the comfort and glam of a baggy shirt, they help men to stay stylish and relaxed too.

2.     Comfortable Shoes

The kind of shoes you wear says a lot about you and your personality. To pull off a casual look elegantly, you can easily put on a pair of sneakers or boots if it’s wintertime. These can be the most convenient option if you are also concerned about your comfort. Plus, both these types go well with any kind of clothing.

If you want to look your best, pair your sneakers with denim jeans. This way, you will never have a fashion miscarriage on a summer day.

3.     Hair

Your hair is your everything; hence, if you don’t get it right, you are in for a fashion failure. So always ensure your hair is in order. Sometimes a messy bun can also look great, but it is the way you carry yourself that does the actual trick.

With a casual look, you must go with hairstyles that are easy to make. A very tight bun may give you an unpleasant look; hence it is better to tie up your hair loosely on a warm sunny day. If you like braids, then get on the fishtail bandwagon. You can tie them up with cool colors such as blue, white, or grey to give your entire appearance a casual feel.

4.     Accessories

Whatever you pick for your accessories, make sure that it gives you another level of comfort. Sometimes, a basic necklace can make a big fashion statement for those who wear it. Going overboard with too much detail can affect your relaxed look; hence it is better to keep your ornaments as simple as possible.

When it comes to handbags, you can add a little bling to them by choosing a creative one that comes in unusual shapes and bright colors.

5.     Coat or Blazer

Perhaps you are looking for a casual yet semi-formal look because you are meeting your boss for a Sunday brunch. In such a case, a coat or blazer is your best bet. Just make sure that if you are looking forward to attending a casual meeting, your jacket should not belong to the office-going category. You can choose to go for a printed or different colored layer instead of a basic dark-colored one.

For women, it is perfect to add a denim blazer over a simple white or black shirt. Men can go for striped casual fit blazers that will look great.

6.     Pants

You can try any type of pants for simple outings; however, wearing dress pants to grab a smoothie with your sibling won’t make sense. Hence it is recommended that you wear a comfortable and clean pair of pants that are not looking like you are going to the office. You can choose to go with relaxed-legged trousers that automatically give you a casual look, or if you want to look even more fun and calm, you can choose to go for cargo pants paired with a tank top.

It’s time to dress perfectly

Achieving a casual look is not hard if you follow the above rules; hence ensure that your comfort comes first before you think about style. When your body is relaxed, it translates into style hence we recommend that you go for colors that suit your overall skin tone and pair the bottoms with the right kind of tops.

Ensure you do not wear very formal shoes as that will lead to a fashion failure. Hence sneakers and sandals are your best friend. So stay calm and confident, and add these elements into your list of favorites – the next casual gathering will be all yours.

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