We asked equestrian adventurers from all around the world what their must-have horseback riding equipment is for their travels and vacations. Let’s have a look at the equipment required for horse riders to keep safe. 

Quick Dry Riding Tights for Horse Riders 

My favorite jodhpurs are the Irideon Bootcut Jodhpurs! These were utilized in the Mongol Derby as well as a variety of other exploits. What I like best about them is that they are made of a material that dries quickly when wet, does not stink even after a week of riding without washing, and is cool in the heat! They’re also extremely trendy, and I’ve worn them on non-horse-related trips as well (they make excellent yoga pants!). You can get stabproof and splashproof clothing at a cheap range using Bulletproof Zone Coupon Code.

Vented Riding Helmet

Iris from France suggests her Troxel hat, and I suggest my Ovation helmet, although the brand you use isn’t crucial here… Having a helmet is essential!

I have a nice helmet bag that accommodates my helmet, gloves, and other horse riders requirements (such as my sunglasses), and I’ve even used it as a handbag on shorter occasions where packing light was more important! I was able to squeeze my heavy riding boots and clothes into my carry-on without having to figure out how to pack my helmet by doubling my helmet bag for my handbag (something that takes up a bit of space in a suitcase.)

Tall Weatherproof Riding Boots

Without my towering boots, I am unrecognizable. They’re comfy to walk in all day and keep my feet safe from mud, cold, and water. I’m currently wearing these Ariat boots, but I also love my Dublin boots from the past! Next time, you should look out for such riding boots at a discount from Helm Boots. You will have some discount on your desired item. Moreover, you can also enjoy discounts on mountaineer boots, hiking boots, and fishing boots using Gearcoop Coupon Code.

Sheepskin Saddle Cover

This only adds to the comfort of long days in the saddle for a horse rider. Most saddles will fit, but double-check before of time. They have them for English and Western Saddles, however many stables in other countries ride English, so if you ride western at home, you might want to start practicing English!

Solar Charges

My Anker PowerPort Solar is one of my FAVORITE things as a horse rider. It’s a solar-powered portable charger, so you’ll never be without a functioning phone when you need it. It folds up a little and is easy to sling over your rucksack or the gear of a pack animal when hiking. Alternatively, you may just hang it from a tree when you get to your destination. When I was in Austria for the 2017 Pack Animal Meeting, I used this. We stayed in guesthouses with private rooms and plug sockets for the first couple of nights, but after we got up into the Alps, it was much more practical to use the solar charger.

GPS Watch

Because I compete in long-distance races, I normally only bring my phone and a GPS watch. This winter, while cycling with my sister in New Zealand, I began using the Gaia GPS App. In all of my endurance competitions, I wear a Decathlon OnMove GPS watch. However, when traveling in foreign countries, I now use the app’s downloaded satellite and open cycle maps to locate my location when there is no connection. I currently have a spare phone with a PAYGo SIM card specifically for this purpose.

Shock Proof Camera

I prefer to carry a camera with me while riding so that I may take better shots. I don’t like pulling my phone out while riding because I’m afraid I’ll drop it, but with a shockproof camera, I know it can withstand a beating. Likewise, I also have a rope attached to it so that I can wear it around my wrist, and the action mode burst setting is perfect for those galloping photos! Don’t forget to carry extra SD cards!

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