’s official definition of the no follow tag is, “No Follow” which provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines to ‘do not follow links on this page or ‘do not follow this particular links. Beroyalextreme is a platform that provides do-follow backlinks to their users or clients so they get juice for their websites. It will help to build their own website authority.

Certain characteristics turn a backlink into a “good” backlink. However, if you want to keep it simple, remember these simple rules.

This is also as ‘Organic Link Building’. Organic link building moves you higher in search engine results pages and makes your website more authentic and credible in the eyes of search engines.

However, organic link building is also the most difficult and time-consuming way to build backlinks. This is why so many (SEOs) turn to spam and the “Easy” ways to do it. 

Editorial backlinks are the most common type of Tier-1 backlinks. In this form, a journalist, publisher, or blogger creates a link to your website from a reputable source (A Publication or a Well – Established Blog). 

A common aspect of this type of link-building process is that it all happens organically and naturally.

For Example, you may not even know the journalist is linking to your website until it’s done. They do this simply because they are so impressed with your website and the content you have on it.

This is the purest form of backlink that Google and all others search the absolute.

Relationship-based backlinks are a slightly more adapted form of ‘editorial backlinks’. In this form, a personal relationship leads to the backlink-building process.

This relationship can be built through an introduction to a journalist, blogger, or content partner. After identifying a source that provides real value, Blogger creates a backlink to your website.

The important thing to consider here is that even though the backlink is created because of some kind of relationship with the blogger; it should still have the same value and authenticity. Otherwise, the backlink will not be effective.

Guest Blogging

Although not as powerful as it once was, guest blogging is still a very real and powerful way to build high-quality tier-one backlinks.

Recently, Google has been cracking down on guest posting websites that were using this technique only to generate backlinks instead of providing real value to the readers. Remember that the main purpose of guest blogging is not to build backlinks. This is to provide real value to the readers of this blog.

The best strategy would be to think of guest blogging as a way to reach a larger audience rather than just growing your brand and building backlinks. Think of backlinks as a byproduct of guest blogging –not the primary benefit.

Niche Directories

I know what you must be thinking.

Directories? Aren’t directories a detriment to SEO?

Well, you‘re right. General directories are dead and should be avoided at all costs. However, niche directories are different, and they can be a great way to generate powerful backlinks to your website.

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