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Washi tape is a patterned decorative tape first introduced in 2006. It’s cost-effective, comes in an array of colors and patterns, and can easily be removed without leaving behind residue behind. Home libraries can be used for a range of washi tape projects projects, from DIYs and paper crafts to creative home decor ideas. Here are some fun ideas that will add some vibrant style and personality to your home library!

Wall Art

A stylish home library is an ideal way to create a relaxing haven for reading books. It also serves as an opportunity to show off your collection of books, collectibles and other treasures that you cherish.

If you want to add some flair and personality to your home library, try some washi tape projects. They’re easy to make and can be used in almost any room of the house.

Use washi tape to add a unique and creative touch to wall decor, borders and lampshades. In fact, you could even use it to create an impressive piece of artwork that will be the focus of any room!

Start by purchasing a roll of washi tape that measures 1.5′ wide. This will give you enough width to create an eye-catching striped design on your wall.

Once you have your striped washi tape, cut out a state template from cardstock. Then, tear off a small piece of washi tape and roll it (sticky side out) over the back of your state template.

Arrange your state as desired and press to temporarily adhere the washi tape (which has low-tack and can be removed easily). If you’re uncertain that you have achieved a neat cut, feel free to trim away excess tape with scissors before hanging it on your wall.

Are you searching for an elegant way to showcase your jewelry? Try creating a custom washi tape tree! Not only is this idea super simple and inexpensive to craft, but it looks fantastic too!

Show off your favorite necklaces with this space-saving display case, which takes up less space than a traditional jewelry box. Furthermore, it can be constructed out of one single roll of tape rather than multiple rolls – saving you money in the long run!

Another fun project is using washi tape to create a wall art piece featuring your home state. It only requires a few pieces of tape and it’s very straightforward.

Book Covers

Washi tape has become a global phenomenon, and for good reason: it’s user-friendly, repositionable and enjoyable to craft with. This Japanese paper-based decorative tape can be used for home decor projects as well as gift wrapping or writing, but there are also plenty of creative uses you may not have thought of before.

No matter your library size, style is key when it comes to bookcases. Adding washi tape for visual interest and a bright accent will add some visual interest in any home library setting.

There are various tapes available, including patterned, printed and metallic versions. These tapes can be used for covering and highlighting books with ease and then removed when you’re finished using them.

One of the hottest styles right now is ombre washi tape, which can be used to add vibrant colors and patterns to bookshelves. You can easily recreate this trendy effect at home using some tape and everyday objects with just some creativity!

This project is so easy, and will only take you a few minutes to finish! Simply cut some strips of washi tape in various sizes and use them to cover your books. You can make the stripes go around or in any direction you please!

Another way to add some flair and pattern to your books is by creating an ombre cover for them. This looks especially great when done using colored washi tape on a white background. To make these covers truly unique, add other elements like stickers or ribbon.

The best part is that you can make these book covers from any materials you already own! Old denim jackets that don’t fit anymore can easily be transformed into covers for your favorite books using fabric paint or any type of material paint.

For book lovers, this project can be a fun and creative family activity! Just use glue that’s safe for kids, then allow your cover to dry before use!


Washi tape, a Japanese craft masking tape, comes in an array of colors and patterns and can be used to add whimsical accents and decor to your home. Furthermore, this repositionable tape is eco-friendly and biodegradable for added sustainability.

Add vibrant color to your home library for a stylish display of personal style. Paint shelves or add wallpaper for an eye-catching space that suits your mood. Use washi tape printing to mark important dates on a wall calendar or decorate household objects such as pens and light switches with vibrant tape!

If your book collection is too large to fit into a traditional bookcase, consider installing shelving units that span an entire wall. This will enable you to showcase all of your titles and make it simple for readers to locate what they want to read.

Create a stylish home library by including plenty of seating options. There are various sofas, armchairs, and floor cushions to choose from so be sure to select something that will look good in your room.

Make your space cozy by providing plenty of blankets and throw pillows. You could even create a reading nook in one corner of your home library for added coziness and privacy.

To organize your book collection, try organizing by title or author last name. This straightforward system can help you quickly locate a specific book within your library and helps eliminate distractions.

Arranging your books by size can help ensure they don’t get mixed up in the chaos. This strategy works especially well if your shelves have irregular shapes or angles.

For a more eye-catching display, stack your books vertically instead of horizontally. This will give each stack its own unique arrangement and free up shelves for books that are next to it.

Tamsin Johnson designed this cozy reading nook with a comfy chair and windows to let in plenty of natural light. The mirrored ceiling adds a contemporary flair while adding texture and depth.


If you’re a big fan of washi tape, there are tons of creative uses for it. From bookmarks to bullet planner labels, these projects will add some personality to your books while keeping you organized!

A printable bookmark is a quick DIY project that requires minimal materials or effort. It’s also an excellent way to repurpose leftover washi tape or other colorful scraps of paper. Design Eat Repeat’s tutorial uses neutral-colored cardstock and some rolls of washi tape to create these adorable bookmarks that you’ll be proud to display in your home library.

These vibrant corner bookmarks add a vibrant splash of color to the pages in your favorite book. Not only that, but they’re super simple to craft and ideal for children’s literature!

Corner bookmarks have their roots in origami and paper crafts, but this DIY version takes it to the next level! Simply rip or cut a small piece of tape, stick it on the page’s edge, then fold it over itself so that it tapers down towards one side.

This bookmark comes in an array of colors and patterns, so you can pick the perfect one for your book! Personalize it further by adding ribbon or other embellishments.

For an extra special touch, paint your bookmarks with a watercolor effect. This will give your bookmarks an eye-catching aesthetic that is sure to capture any reader’s attention!

Another way to add a decorative touch to your book is by turning it into wall art. Whether you’re searching for something to spruce up the bedroom or create some artistic space at home, these washi tape wall art ideas will help turn those books into stunning accessories.

Washi tape as a border can give your pages an organized and polished appearance. Choose from thin or thick rolls of washi tape to create page borders or margins for your books.

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