Do you ever see a superbly crafted item and suppose, “That is gorgeous! I would like I might build it.” That’s however I’ve felt regarding adorned key fobs. they appear thus stylish. they create cute zipper pulls. you’ll be able to even use them as gift tags. however they invariably appeared too sophisticated to form. Let American state make a case for my journey from “I wish” to “I did it!” through embroidery machine.

My initial Embroidery Machine

Machine embroidery isn’t unaccustomed American state. In fact, I own a pair of Brother embroidery machines. I purchased my initial machine quite fifteen years gone. My mummy and that i had been kicking round the plan for a few time. Then, one day, we tend to took a visit to Walmart along. we tend to had seen the Brother alphabetic character one hundred fifty publicized and determined to travel check it out. If you’re something like USA, “check it out” suggests that to envision if they really had it available. Well, they did. so day we tend to walked out of the shop with not one, however 2 embroidery machines: one for my mummy and one on behalf of me.

At First:

I used my machine usually. I’d add names to blankets and build logos for our business shirts. creating monograms was invariably one in all my favorite things to figure on. Personalizing gifts became very easy, enjoyable, and skilled wanting. My husband stunned American state with a a lot of advanced Brother machine for our day one year. I used it one or two of times, however was a touch intimidated. Like most new “toys” the novelty wore off and my interest shifted to alternative varieties of crafting. Know about Vector Art Services

A New Crafting Love

In 2016 i used to be introduced to the Cricut Cattle bug and Explore machines. it absolutely was love initially sight! My crafting game modified and currently my focus was everything Cricut. Iron on and vinyl crafts quickly became my favorites. i used to be creating cards, personalizing vases, and labeling ALL the items. the entire time, my embroidery machine Sat, unused and untouched.


I’d conjointly begun victimization fake animal skin with my Cricut. My daughters blue-eyed obtaining new bows. My sisters enjoyed adding the balm holders I created for them to their key rings. I even designed my very own patterns for mini sanitizer pouches. As I browsed Pinterest and Etsy for concepts and patterns to use with fake animal skin, adorned key fobs caught my attention. I blue-eyed the ornamental detail of the cloth stitches. however I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around finishing one in all these “in the hoop” comes. I purchased patterns, however was unmotivated to undertake them.

Combining Machine Embroidery and Cricut Crafting

In early 2020, I lost my lovely mummy, my craft chum, the first Crafting Queen. My sisters and that i divided her crafting provides and stitching machines between the seven folks. this is often once my interest in machine embroidery began to resurface. You see, among the items I received was my mom’s original PE150 embroidery machine. My heart was stirred as I mirrored and remembered USA getting our machines along. that’s after I made up our minds to find out the way to build those key fobs. i suppose I reasonably felt adore it would be an excellent tribute to my mummy to find out one thing that may extend the employment of her almost-new machine.


I joined artistic Fabrica. My original purpose was to access digital backgrounds and graphics to use in my content creation. very little did i do know that i used to be sure a treat! As I browsed the location, I found “Embroidery.” And what does one suppose I found? That’s right! I found styles for key fobs. This was it! I knew it absolutely was time to find out and use this new talent. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services

With that determination, I searched YouTube and varied websites making an attempt to search out the most effective tutorials. It took but Associate in Nursing hour on behalf of me to grasp what had appeared thus sophisticated before. and I found some way to include iron-on vinyl with machine embroidery. that’s why i would like to share with you ways straightforward it will be to form a personalized paw print key fob.

How to build the Paw Print Key Fob

  • Supplies and Materials
  • Faux animal skin or vinyl (available on Amazon or in craft stores)
  • Fabric for the rear of your key fob (I prefer to use denim or similar fabrics)
  • Light-weight stabilizer
  • Thread (your alternative of color)
  • Thread snips
  • Fabric scissors
  • Plastic snap or material glue
  • Key ring
  • Paw Print Key Fob digital style (If the specified file format for your machine isn’t on the market, email the artistic Fabrica support and that they can help!)
  • Embroidery machine
  • HTV vinyl (iron on, on the market in most craft stores)
  • Cricut, Silhouette, or alternative electronic cutting machine
  • Heat press or iron (I just like the straightforward Press mini for little projects)
  • Parchment paper or Teflon sheet

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