Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Ali Hamza

We all remember those school lessons which we loved and those which we hated. There are always a few teachers or professors, who seem to light up the room, the moment they step in. Be it the way they teach or continuously interact with students, everyone enjoys these with their utmost delight!  

The same applies to you when you offer your employees customer training sessions. You must ensure you break the dread and boredom of attending mundane training sessions. Much like the escape rooms in Mesa or the ones in Australia that transports players in a fun and engaging ambiance, you can also work on making your training the same!  

For people who are still doubtful as they try to think of viable ways to make customer training sessions fun and immersive, here are a few tips and tricks to know:  

  1. Do not assume a far too serious tone! 

The first and the most vital aspect to remember is not to assume a rigorous and severe tone. Your employees are more likely to feel increased pressure on their backs if they sense too much seriousness in your style.  

However, that does not necessarily require you to adopt a laid-back approach. Instead, it will work out best for you if you start by adopting a balance in your tone by neither keeping it too strict nor too soft. Ensure that your employees feel relaxed and enjoy their time even during the session.  

Further, you can also hope for more employee interaction by assuming a less severe tone! In this way, you can ensure that your employees learn something through the training session by the end of it.  

  1. Utilizing an icebreaker at the start  

A good icebreaker activity can be the perfect start during your training session. Whether or not your employees know each other, an icebreaker can never be a bad addition!  

You can think of having your employees play a quick mini escape room or even ask questions to break the initial tension amongst your workers. A good icebreaker activity will give your workers enough space to relax and reenergize themselves before you start the training session. New trainees and employees might not know each other and therefore they needs to be an ice breaker for them. If they have proper bonding from the start then it is easier for them to work together. 

This way, you can ensure that your employees pay attention to the training session when you start conducting it.  

  1. Utilizing group activities 

Group activities are yet another efficient way of making your training sessions fun and engaging. You can integrate a few standard corporate training activities into the training process.  

By making your employees work together in small groups, you can further push them towards arriving at the right solution as a team. Incorporating a few group activities in your training session will help your employees to discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  

You can also integrate your team activities to provide your employees with a practical application of the theories you spoke about in training. This way, your employees can get a hands-on experience in the training session before applying it at work! 

  1. Make it conversational  

A vital aspect of conducting almost any employee training session lies in ensuring that it proceeds as a conversation. You need to check whether your training sessions are merely moving as a monotonous array of you speaking your words.  

If it proceeds this way, your workers will likely lose all interest in listening to you. Instead, you must adopt a conversational approach in conducting your training session. You need to open up and talk actively with your employees. 

Your training session will only remain fruitful for your employees when you start regarding them as active participants and not merely a passive presence. Adopting a conversational approach while conducting your customer training sessions will allow your employees to voice their queries and problems. Talking about anything and being transparent about a topic makes the relationship far better and more honest. Therefore making an employee training move transparent and easier to understand needs a conversational tone. 

In this way, your training session will be far more effective than it would be if you fail to adopt a conversational tone.  

From customer to content training, almost every training session tends to end up being a bore for employees. If you continue your training session mundanely, you will find your workers not paying attention to the session after a while. Instead, by adopting a fun and engaging approach to holding your training sessions just like in escape rooms, you can ensure greater participation from your workers than ever before! Try out the few tips discussed above, and make your training session fun and engaging for your employees!  

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