Every business needs a good lawyer. However, the need for a business lawyer might not be as obvious. In practically every area of your small business, from compliance and copyright and trademark guidance to incorporating your business to lawsuits and liability, a qualified business lawyer by your side can help your small business become successful.

Here, we discuss the points you should remember while looking for small business lawyers in Calgary to help make the process easier for you.

Where Can I Find Small Business Lawyers?
The greatest way to identify reputable small business lawyers if your search hasn’t already begun is through references. Personal referrals can provide some “social proof,” but it’s important to learn how your friend or coworker knows the lawyer and what kind of work the lawyer did for them.

What happens, though, if your social circle is small? Have you ever heard of the legal market?

A legal marketplace is a website or mobile application that enables customers to look for and compare legal services at various price points. This can be helpful for people who need to get legal representation but don’t know where to start. You not only save time and money on the legal marketplace but can also curate the lawyers depending upon your business needs.

How To Choose From Small Business Lawyers in Calgary?
Now that you have looked online or consulted with friends and family, how do you know if they are a good fit for your company? Do you choose a large law firm or a lone practitioner? Should you spend money on a pricey attorney? Not to worry, here are some points to remember:

● Experience level and type
Searching only for business lawyers is not always sufficient. While some business attorneys deal with all types of legal issues, many focus on a particular area of company law. Some expertise includes intellectual property, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, employment and labour concerns, and taxation.

If you have a niche problem that you need a lawyer to deal with, then go for a specialised lawyer who has enough experience in that area. If you are looking for lawyers that could deal with all of your legal problems, it is best to go with a law firm, as they have different lawyers with different specialisations under one roof. 

● Knowledge About Your Industry
Particularly if you work in an industry with complicated legal laws and regulations, your lawyer should be familiar with how yours operates because some industries are more complex than others. 

If they have experience working with other companies in your field, they are better able to anticipate legal issues and provide you with reliable legal advice. If they focus on a certain sector, they’ll probably stay current with new laws and best practices.

● Know About Their Billing Structure
A prospective lawyer shouldn’t be reluctant or frightened to talk to you about fees. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be reluctant to bring it up. You must be able to budget for your legal expenses whether you’re a small business or a large corporation seeking legal counsel.

Depending on the project, a hybrid of hourly and fixed-fee billing is the most typical method. For instance, it might be quite challenging for a lawyer to predict the amount of time required when your company requires assistance with complex contract negotiation. As a result, pricing by the hour may make the most sense.

Meeting With Potential Lawyers
After shortlisting a few business lawyers, the next step is to schedule meetings with each of them. The majority of attorneys give free 30- or 1-hour consultations to meet with prospective clients. To see whether a small business lawyer is a good fit without committing, schedule a consultation.

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