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Are you planning to design your own engagement rings? If you are, then it’s a great idea. There are many people who prefer custom-made engagement rings over readily designed ones. As you build your own engagement rings, you can personalize all the details of your jewelry piece to seamlessly go with your style, from its design to precious metal. This is a great way to design your dream ring or a ring that will always be close to your heart. In case you are thinking about preferring custom design engagement rings, then read further to know everything related to custom engagement rings.

What to Bear in Mind When It Comes to Custom Rings?

1.      Plan A Budget First

It is important to have a budget planned beforehand. You must be certain to tell your budget to the jeweler you are going to deal with. There are many factors that may vary the price of a custom-made engagement ring. These can be your selection of material, your gems, your design’s complication, etc. If your local jeweler is well aware of your maximum budget prior to you begin the designing procedure, they can consider that while they assist you create your own engagement rings.

2.      Customization is Time-Consuming

If you wish to build a custom ring, you must keep in mind your timeline. Designing a custom-made engagement ring is really time-consuming as you will need time to create your ring, approve all the steps of the designing procedure, and wait for it to get completed. The whole procedure can take about some weeks to months. Thus, in case you are looking to go custom, be certain to commence the designing procedure early, well in advance of your scheduled proposal date.

3.      Decide on the Side Stones and Central Stones

Since white stones are very common stones for engagement rings, you have an abundance of gemstone alternatives to select from for your custom-made ring. You can choose colored stones, such as yellow, blue, pink, and many more. You can go for gems like ruby, sapphire, or emerald stones.

Also, you can go for a semi-precious stone, for example, citrine, aquamarine, or amethyst stones. Later on, you can even opt for various kinds of diamonds or gems to make a very detailed and exclusive look.

4.      Decide on the Precious Metal

You get to choose the precious metal of your choice when designing your own engagement ring, and that’s the best thing about it. You can decide on various precious metals, such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. You can even choose your engagement rings setting when you go custom.


The process of designing your own engagement ring can be quite complicated as there are loads of options to go for. However, if you feel tense during the process, keep in mind the motive of doing it. Get the right guidance from your jewelry designer if you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

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