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Do you have those frustrating moments when a youtube video is not loading, Streaming video is extremely slow, or loading a browser is taking too much time? In today’s blog, we will explore some of the options that cause the cell phone to slow down. So that next time you don’t freak out and rush to a phone repair store thinking that the smartphone is malfunctioning.

Reasons why the Cellphone is Slow According To Phone Repair Store

Firstly, check the operating system of your cell phone. An older version of the iOS needs to be upgraded for the cellphone to function correctly. Apart from that, do check if the cellphone needs upgrading. As both these factors make the smartphone slow.

Apart from this following are the few factors that impact the speed of the smartphone.

Deteriorating Battery Conditions of the Smartphone.

As the smartphone ages, so does the cellphone’s battery life. Nobody can help it apart. The batteries are designed in a way that they lose their charging capacity every year, resulting in more prolonged and frequent charges. Thus, the cellphone’s battery life impacts the smartphone’s performance. Longer charging durations can produce excess heat resulting in an impact on the other components, which on the whole slows down the cell phone. Apart from that, a compromised battery will also be unable to support the heavy CPU usage leading to abrupt and frequent cell phone shutdowns.

Reduced Storage Space in your cell phone.

There is a direct relationship between the storage space and the cell phone’s performance. Greater free storage space leads to increased performance efficiency of the smartphone. The closer you reach the storage limit, the slower the smartphone will start working. The accumulation of songs, videos, messages, and pictures impacts the ability of the cell phone’s processor.

Damaged parts of the Smartphone.

Sometimes, a cell phone experiences some physical damage due to accidental spills. The hardware either gets damaged, or the system loosens up, impacting the cell phone’s performance. A cell phone also starts working slowly if it is exposed to moisture like sauna etc.

Check the bloatware of your smartphone.

Are you thinking, what is bloatware?

The cellphone mostly comes with preinstalled applications. Some are visible on the screen, whereas some are invisible. These applications collectively are known as bloatware.

This software drains the cellphone’s resources, can cause strain, and even pose a risk. So, if you are experiencing a slow cell phone, you can uninstall these preinstalled applications and see how the cell phone works.

Delete the applications not in use.

Sometimes we keep installing applications and forget to delete those not in use. This adds additional strain on the cell phone, making it work slowly. Thus, try to delete all the applications that are not in use. This helps to create more space, reduce the load on the processing unit, making the cell phone work faster.

How can you speed up your cell phone?

Hardware issues like a cell phone getting physically damaged or a cellphone requiring battery replacement would need you to visit a cell phone repair store in Columbia, Kentucky. Apart from these issues, one can take the following steps to improve the cellphone’s speed.

  • Review the apps and delete the unnecessary apps
  • Clear cache of your smartphone
  • Update the operating system of the cell phone
  • Turn off the automatic updates 

Even after doing these few things, if your cell phone is slow, take it to a nearby phone repair store like Gadget Defenders and get your problem sorted out.

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