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If you are looking for the history of the Oklahoma City Thunder, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn who plays for the Thunder, when they joined the NBA, and who owns the team. Plus, you’ll learn how much the average Thunder game ticket costs.

Who is currently on the Thunder roster?

While many expected the Oklahoma City Thunder to be a dark horse for the Western Conference, the team has made some significant changes in recent months. After a disappointing first season, the Thunder have decided to start rebuilding. This means parting with some of their top players, including Paul George and Dennis Schroder. However, the Thunder still managed to sign free agents like Josh Hall and Moses Brown.

The Thunder have brought in a new guard to help bolster the rotation, and they are not far from their goal of being a contender. In addition to James Harden, the team also drafted Rodrigue Beaubois with the 25th pick in the 2009 draft. The Thunder also traded for Byron Mullens, a big man who played at Ohio State. Another addition to the Thunder roster is Kevin Ollie. The Thunder have also acquired Eric Maynor from the Utah Jazz this season.

How long has the OKC Thunder been in the NBA?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been in the NBA for 55 seasons and were known as the Seattle SuperSonics from 1967 to 2008. In 2009, they changed their name and moved to Oklahoma City. They currently play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference. Their season results are broken down by some wins, regular season games played, and playoff rounds they reached.

The Thunder had a lot of success in their first season in Oklahoma City, so the organization expected the team to improve in its second season. They drafted James Harden with the third overall pick in the NBA Draft and also selected Rodrigue Beaubois, who played at Ohio State University. The team added Kevin Ollie to their roster and traded for Eric Maynor from the Utah Jazz.

Who is the owner of Oklahoma City Thunder?

The Oklahoma City Thunder franchise is owned by Professional Basketball Club LLC, an investment group led by Clay Bennett. The group owns the NBA franchise and the Oklahoma City Thunder G League affiliate. Bennett is also the CEO of the club. He has invested in several NBA teams and frequently contributes to The Oklahoman.

Aubrey McClendon owned a significant stake in the Thunder before his death in a car crash. His estate owns 22 percent of the team. Inner Circle Sports, an investment bank based in New York, owns the remaining 68 percent of the team.

How much are the average Thunder game tickets?

The average price of an OKC Thunder game ticket is about $110. If you want to catch the team’s home games at a discounted price, you should consider purchasing tickets in the lower levels. Sideline floor seats are also typically more expensive than other seats. Ticket prices are also higher for club suites, considered the best locations for a game at the Paycom Center. While the average price of an OKC Thunder game ticket will be higher than other NBA teams, you can still find a good deal on a ticket.

Ticket prices for individual Thunder games depend on the season. Generally, season tickets cost about 10%-20% less than the average game ticket price. However, tickets for a significant team’s rivalry game may be even more expensive.

How to get the cheapest Oklahoma City Thunder Tix?

If you’re interested in seeing Oklahoma City Thunder games but don’t want to break the bank, there are several ways to get cheaper tickets. One way to get the most affordable tickets is to buy them as early as possible. While the most expensive tickets will be on the center court, lower-level seats will usually be cheaper. You can also find cheaper tickets on Remember that prices may increase or decrease depending on the year and season.

Check the schedule if you’d like to catch an Oklahoma City Thunder game. The team plays in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference, and their usual opponents are the Portland Trail Blazers and Minnesota Timberwolves. Their regular season starts in October and runs until June, depending on their standings. You can check their schedule on an interactive basketball calendar.

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