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During the IELTS Speaking module examiner evaluates the candidate’s English-speaking ability. A certified IELTS examiner conducts the face-to-face speaking test.  The whole conversation during the speaking test is recorded in case further viewing is required. The speaking test is conducted in three parts. In the first part, you will have a 4-5 minute conversation with the examiner about yourself. This section also consists of some other topics such as home, friends, work, personal interest, etc. During the second part, the examiner will give you a topic and you have to speak on that topic atleast for 2 minutes.  After giving the topic examiner will give you one minute to prepare some notes and ideas. In the last part, the examiner will ask you some follow-up questions regarding the topic given to you in the second part. This section approximately takes 4-5 minutes. 

Candidates struggle with the speaking module most as compared to other modules. The reason is that they hesitate to speak in english in front of others. They get nervous because of being judged on their speaking it impacts their confidence. Candidates follow various strategies to ace the speaking module they learn various tips to polish their speaking skills, attend online classes, join a coaching center, and many more. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the tactics for the IELTS speaking module.  

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Have a look at some wonderful tips for the IELTS-Speaking module.

Do not give memorized answers

The main motive of the speaking test is to evaluate candidates’ english speaking. The examiner can only judge you when you give them a natural reply in your own words. However, most of the time candidates give memorized answers. In that scenario, the examiner will catch you that you are giving the memorized answer, and they will deduct your band score. So, it is advisable for to candidates try to share their own ideas. 

Do not use unfamiliar words

It is true that using advanced vocabulary words helps you get a high band score. But you should have to be safe, do not use big and unfamiliar words. Because a wrong pronunciation of the words leads to band deduction. Similarly, when users are not familiar with the accurate meaning of words and use them in the wrong context it completely changes the meaning of the sentence. So. it is better to use simple vocabulary words you are familiar with. 

Use a range of grammatical structure

The examiner evaluates your speaking ability on four parameters. These four parameters are fluency and coherence, lexical resources, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. So, while speaking you have to consider all these parameters. Also, use a range of grammatical structures such as simple sentences and complex compound sentences to share your ideas. 

Constant practice

You should do regular practice and constant and during the practice, you should record your own voice and identify the mistakes such as poor pronunciation, voice tone, etc. Then, you should work on them. Also, you can practice with your friends and family it boosts your confidence. You can practice in front of the mirror which helps you to work on your body language while speaking.

Give proper answer

You must give an accurate answer to the examiner’s question. For that first, you have to understand the questions clearly and give answers accordingly. For example, if your examiner asks you something about a past incident you must answer in the past sentence structure. Similarly, if the examiner asks you something about the upcoming time you have to answer while using future sentence structure. Otherwise, your answer is considered as wrong. 

Do not worry about the accent

During the speaking test examiner does not judge you on the basis of your accent so do not worry about it while speaking. But one thing we recommend you do not try to copy the accent. When you try to talk in a fake accent examiner will deduct your band score. Also, use a range of grammatical structures such as simple sentences and complex compound sentences to share your ideas. 

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Wrapping up

The IELTS Speaking module is considered the toughest one of all. So, candidates have to follow the above-mentioned tactics to ace the speaking module.