Technology has been the biggest boon to our life and has played a big role in improving our life. Cameras that used to be so bulky are now (spy cameras) so small that you cannot even spot them. It is changing at a very rapid pace. The true purpose of technology is to make our life more comfortable. We live in a world where if you do not keep up with new technology, you will risk ground with your competitors.

We are constantly evolving with new technologies. But what I am going to discuss today is how it is affecting our lives. If you ask me honestly, it can be both a blessing and a scary thing in people’s lives. It all comes down to how you plan on using it.

What are the Positive Influences of Technology in Our Lives?

Technology has greatly impacted our lives and has improved everyone’s life to the extent that people do not have to go outside to buy things they need. They can simply get access to it with a single click.

Read on below about the positive effects of technology in our lives:

  1. It has advanced our education

Education has dramatically improved with the help of education. Some solid examples are the availability of online courses, unlimited online research sources and accessibility of web seminars. People do not have to miss classes if they cannot physically go to class. Thanks to online classes, education has become easier for everyone. Udemy has been recognised as a fantastic website that offers thousands of free and paid-for courses.

  1. Better access to information

Today you can find everything at the tap of your finger. You do not even move an inch to get your information. Just start googling, and you can even start your smart home assistant. Not long ago, you had to visit the library to get more in-depth information about the subject. But you do not need to run to the library anymore. Thanks to the advancement of technology, students can find hundreds of thousands of web pages from one device. Websites like YouTube and Google have improved learning and education. You can absolutely learn any skill online without having to leave your screens.

  1. Improved communication

Communication is the most rewarding factor when it comes to technology. When you are living far from your family and loved ones, and you need to communicate with them, technology is the only glue that puts you all together. It is not possible to travel such a long distance every time. Travelling is expensive, and it’s really a hassle. Technology with Whatsapp and Facebook has made communication to the next level. Despite living far, people can be at each other’s side in difficult times. You can communicate with anyone in the world. It also led people to work together globally and even have strong relationships with lovers.

  1. Safer management of money

Technology has also revolutionised how we manage our money. Those days are gone when you had to pile up your receipts for doing your taxes to stay on top of your bills. Thanks to technology, you can easily have all your documents in one place, pay all your bills and remit your taxes with ease.  

The best part is you also do not have to carry it along with you. You can easily pay with credit cards, debit cards, and other payment apps. Your money will be safe inside your account, and you can transport it with ease. You will easily be able to track your portfolio easily in the comfort of your home.

  1. Helps in promoting business

Technology also plays a big role in improving business strategy. It makes marketing your business easier, more cost-efficient and more effective. Before, companies used to e limited to running ads in magazines and newspapers.

But with the growth of the internet and social media gaining importance everywhere, marketing has become easier. This is especially true for startups and smaller businesses with limited advertising budgets. Not only is it now affordable to market your company online, but you can also easily find your target audience, identify their needs and even engage with them on a personal level.

What are the Negative Influences of Technology on our Lives?

As much as we appreciate technology for making our life easier and more manageable, we cannot ignore its negative influence on our society.

  1. Causes health problems

With the advancement of technology, we find ourselves more connected than ever. People nowadays cannot move an inch from their devices. They are constantly in front of their devices. Sometimes these may cause severe damage to your health. These devices can cause unhealthy sleeping patterns, strain your eyes, and cause poor posture, resulting in increased inactivity that may lead to health problems like obesity. But you can avoid these problems by taking regular breaks from these devices.

  1. Creates job insecurity

Companies always tend to stay up to date with their all latest technologies. Due to the advancement in the tech field, like automation, AI integration, companies are getting rid of their workers. Machines are there now that are built to do twice as faster as humans can do, which is creating a massive shortage of jobs. So the bottom line is people are not needed for work anymore for how effective technology has become.

  1. Lack of sleep

Adults happen to keep their cell phones nearby when they are sleeping, and children are doing the same. According to the Washington Post reports, “The blue light emitted by the screens of mobile devices has been associated with poor sleep, researchers say, but mobile devices also can cause emotional simulation-through violent games or engaging forms of social media – that also can impair sleep or simply delay the moment when people fall asleep.”

  1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a major concern. People are using cell phones and video game systems to send hurtful messages or post something that is embarrassing for someone else. As per the 2007 Pew Research Study, 32% of tends were found to be victims of cyberbullying. Teenagers especially were victimised when they were threatened or blackmailed. They also faced imposters who pretended to be someone else just to get something out of them.

  1. Loss of privacy

The online world has become scary. There is no privacy. With just a few clicks, anyone can discover someone’s Facebook page, collect their information and even save their pictures and use them for creating another account. This information is often seen used for hacking purposes. Hackers are always waiting to reveal your credit card information, social security numbers and so on.

Summing Up,

Humans are always going to look for ways to improve their lives. Technology has obviously made our lives better, but there must be proper precautions and limitations to ensure there is no downfall. Just balance your use of technology, and you will be able to lead a hassle-free and healthier lifestyle.

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