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Architecture is a very creative and interesting field that is attractive, lucrative and has much potential in terms of development. It is the most preferred decree choice among design aspirants as it I designed in such a way that it fulfils the educational component of professional bodies. You can become an architect after completing your B. Arch degree or Bachelor of Architecture degree course from the best colleges. Architects are the experts who create amazing buildings and structures and concentrate on making people live comfortably at every level of society. Students who wish to pursue this field must combine artistic, professional and entrepreneurial qualities perfectly. 

About B.Arch. or Bachelor of architecture course

B.Arch. is a five-year full-time duration program that focuses on subjects from the arts, engineering and technology to make a person professional so that they can practice architecture. The course of best B Arch College in Noida is a perfect combination of both theory and studio exercises. After completing of Bachelor of architecture from a top college, graduates can do an internship program with an architecture firm or with some professional architects to increase practical knowledge and experience to get the best job prospects.

Skills sets required to excel as an architect in any organisation

Becoming an architect after completing your Bachelor of architecture degree course is the best career option you can make. The job is high paying and also offers options for some of the outstanding projects worldwide. Becoming an architect is not at all an easy task. You should have the right skill sets to excel in your profession as an architect. Let us check some specific skill set that is needed:

  • Numerical skills
  • Design skills
  • Creative skills
  • Legal knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Artistic skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Visualising skills

Career scope and job prospects 

Owing to rapid economic development and urbanisation, there is an increasing demand for designing structures that should be beautiful and comfortable at all levels. This lead to the increment in requirements of expert architects and jobs associated with it that can range from conceptual and designing stages through actual construction. Earning a degree from the best B Arch College in Noida, like Delhi Technical University, will offer you two options. One is to pursue further education, and the second is employment. 

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in architecture apply for many roles in businesses like consulting firms. For them, there is a vast scope in India and the worldwide market, specifically in Dubai, Australia and USA. B.Arch. Graduates have many options in both public and private sectors, and there are many career options, including urban planning, urban development companies and public works departments and design. There are many consultancies, architectural businesses and government institutions that are seeking an expert and qualified graduates.

Job options after B.Arch. degree

As an architect, after earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree, your job is not just limited to designing corporate workplaces; in fact, you have to work  in designing houses, apartments, hotels, colonies, hospitals, stadiums, shopping complexes, schools, industrial complexes etc. there are many government job options available for you in  :

  • Archaeological Department
  • National Building Organization
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Departments of Railways
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation
  • Public Works Department

Graduates can also choose to pursue higher studies from the best B Arch College in Noida for matters. Job designation for B.Arch. Graduate with experience comprises of 

  • Architecture Designer
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Architectural Historian
  • As architectural consultants, graduates can work as:
  • Architecture Designer
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Interior Designer
  • Architecture Draftsman
  • Staff Consultant
  • Technical Assistant
  • Project Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Architectural Assistant
  • Architectural Historian/Journalist
  • Art Director
  • Building Contractor
  • Landscape Architect

The Bachelor of Architecture degree program at Delhi Technical Campus is for those who wish to succeed and excel in their field as an architect. The college is among the best B Arch College in Noida offers world-class facilities and top-notch infrastructure. The college has highly experienced and research-oriented faculty from various streams to offer students a high-quality education.

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