When speaking of frontend development, these are some popular names that immediately come to mind – VueJS, React, and Angular. While Vue and React are Javascript-based frameworks, Angular is a typescript-based development framework. 

Each platform has distinct features, advantages, and even drawbacks. Now to find out whether Vue is the better of the three or not, let us first compare these in various aspects. Only then you can hire dedicated VueJS programmers and get started with your project. 

A Quick Glimpse of Vue, React, & Angular 

While we will discuss all the frameworks and how they are different from one another elaborately, let us first have a quick glance at the basics of these three frameworks and how they are different from each other. 

Parameters for comparison  Vue.JSReact Angular 
Release date February 2014 29th May 2013 20th October 2010 
Developed & introduced by Community FacebookGoogle 
Latest stable releaseVue 3.2.33React 18.2.0Angular 14.0.4
Size of framework 33.30 KB43K143K 
Language used Javascript Javascript Typescript 
Syntax Virtual DOMUses Virtual DOMReal DOM
Learning curve Moderate Moderate Steep 
Scalability Template-based development approach Component-based development Modular development structure 
Code reusability Yes (CSS & HTML)No (CSS only) Yes 
Development speed Quick Moderate Slow 
Rendering Server side renderingServer-sideClient side 
Documentation Quality and comprehensive documentation available. Limited documentation because of frequent updates. Clear and easy-to-understand documentation. 
Data binding Bi-directional Uni-directional Bidirectional 
Popular apps built Netflix, Adobe, Xiaomi, Trivago, Adobe, Grammarly, and more. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Myntra, Netflix, Discord, etc. PayPal, Wix, Gmail, Forbes, Upwork, Jetblue, etc. 

These are some basics you must know about all three platforms to have a point of reference when we start comparing them. This comparison can also help dedicated VueJS developers, and Angular and React aspirant developers who want to start their careers in frontend development. 

Which is Better: Vue, React, or Angular 

Since the three platforms have a unique set of features and functionalities, continuous updates, and huge community support in place, it is difficult to tell which one is better than the other two. 

However, comparing them in various aspects could help you with this decision. 

So, let’s begin! 


According to a Stack Overflow survey, the popularity statistics of the three platforms are – 

React – 42.62%. 

Angular – 20.39%. 

Vue.JS – 18.82%. 

The popularity of React is evident here. While Angular seems to be more popular at the beginning of 2022, the constant fall in its popularity is worrisome for Angular developers. However, despite being comparatively new, Vue JS has gained quite a popularity over the past few years. In fact, Vue has attained the most Github stars at 176K followed by React with 160K stars. 

While popularity is not a matter of comparison to which one is better, it definitely gives about the trends and preferences of developers in the coming times. 


Unlike Vue JS and React, Angular uses Real DOM for developing front-end applications. Thus, the rendering of web applications is comparatively slow. Unlike virtual DOM, any change in objects in Angular also updates the tree structure of real DOM, making the apps load even slower. 

The performance of React applications is said to be extremely well because of a number of reasons – 

  • Use of virtual DOM for minimized re-renders. 
  • Social content sharing, search engine visibility, and performance can be improved with server-side rendering. 
  • Tree-shaking and bundling support can help minimize resource consumption. 

As for Vue.JS, it is compact in size and is the fastest front-end web development framework. With server-side rendering and incremental implementations, it is a flexible and powerful tool for front-end development. 

The comprehensive documentation of Vue JS updates further eases the development process as Vue JS programmers can easily code and implement new features. 


 Vue. JS 

  • Learning ease. 
  • Readability. 
  • Server-side rendering. 
  • Low memory consumption. 
  • Increased development and deployment speed. 
  • Improved scope of integration. 


  • Easier to code with JS. 
  • Cross-platform support. 
  • UI-centric designs. 
  • Managed dependencies. 
  • Plethora of developer tools. 


  • Cross-platform development. 
  • High-quality development. 
  • Stellar material design library. 
  • Testable and readable codes. 

Each of the platforms has its fair share of advantages. It is entirely up to your project needs that decide which framework is most suitable. 



  • Over-flexible. 
  • Language barriers. 
  • Limited support for large projects. 
  • Lack of plugins. 


  • Development speed can be low. 
  • Lack of documentation. 
  • Difficulty with SEO. 
  • Dynamic technology. 


  • Lack of experience with MVC. 
  • Steep learning curve. 
  • More time consumption. 
  • Mandatory support for JS. 

While such drawbacks may hamper your website or application’s performance, there’s a way for you to ensure that’s not the case. You can hire dedicated vuejs developers (React/ Angular developers too) and elevate the performance of your application without wasting any resources. 


Now that we have explained the differences between VueJS, React, and Angular, let’s discuss if Vue is actually better than the other two. Vue is comparatively new from Angular and React. Even so, Vue has gained popularity amongst developers because of its compact size and quick development speed. 

With its careful documentation and features like virtual DOM, server-side rendering, etc., Vue is definitely a preferable front-end development framework in many aspects. However, in other aspects like huge community support, developer tools, and plugins, React might be considered the better option. 

Nevertheless, businesses can leverage more benefits of the platform when they hire Vue developers for their projects. They can custom-build various features and have the skills to work without many developer tools. 


Vue JS is comparatively new as a front-end development framework when you compare with React and Angular. Despite being new, it performs extremely well for developing front-end applications. But, is it better than React and Angular? Let’s have a look at that! 

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