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If you wanted to synthesise Maxlancer ’s advantages down to a single characteristic, it centres around not having a fixed location. Because all projects are completed remotely, it can broaden your business’ opportunities for finding skilled professionals and sourcing new projects outside of your traditional geographic range. Once you’ve got up to speed with the dynamic of Maxlancer’s freelance marketplace, you’ll soon see there are two main ways to leverage the platform to help your business.

Businesses: Finding Additional Resources

On one side of the coin, when you have an overflow of work from your existing business, you can easily access professional services from our approved network. Whether you are looking for a design engineer, a process engineer, or maybe a draftsperson, you can quickly scale up your capacity during busy periods. This takes the stress away when you might be concerned about bottlenecks caused by demand outstripping your original capacity. The main advantage is that you do micro-payment for completed tasks you have requested from Maxlancer service providers. This goes to ensure that you maintain flexibility with your cash flow, and your fixed costs aren’t impacted.

Professionals: Finding Additional Throughput

From the other side of the court, the other opportunity is to establish a new revenue stream as a service provider with a professional account. You may find after the conclusion of major projects, that there is a significant glut in your capacity before the next project is fully commenced. To ensure that your resource utilisation is being maximised, you may find that this downtime serves as an opportunity to provide remote services in the short term for other businesses on their projects.

Why Maxlancer?

Maxlancer is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focused marketplace that has been purpose-built to meet the requirements of engineering businesses. Our core focus is centred around ensuring a high standard of skills, expertise, and professionalism of the service providers using our marketplace. Maxlancer has followed the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) principle to create a streamlined fee structure, that is solely tied to commissions on the invoices generated on the platform. NO SIGN-UP FEES. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES. NO PAY-TO-UPGRADE TIERS.

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