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Normally, we’d place a huge “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” label on the thought of removing your long-lasting nail enhancements on your own. The safest and least destructive way to get them removed is to visit the best nail extension in Gurgaon, KA-RAS. Karas extension has trained nail experts to do it, but given the “unique” conditions we’ve been facing recently. Some of us have had little choice but to remove them ourselves. However, removing dip powder, gel, or acrylic nails at home is a breeze.

Although nail enhancements sometimes receive a poor image for being “damaging the nails”, the removal process. It may really be to blame. We realise how tempting it is to try to fix them yourself. When they begin to chip or peel, but please don’t! Please don’t give in to temptation; we all know how that story ends.

Many people are under the impression that removing dip, gel, or acrylic nails is impossible to do at home. Despite the fact that there are several methods that can do this task in a matter of minutes. We’ve done the research to locate the greatest lessons that will not do any harm to your nails. We’ve put these procedures through their paces and added. Our own thoughts and tweaks, so you can go on with confidence.

Dip Powder Manicure removal

Dip powder manicure removal is the go-to method by the best nail salon in Gurgaon, KA-RAS for removing dip powder nails in the comfort of our own homes. It is incredibly simple and effective, and there will be no trash left behind!

You will need your hand file in a small container. That is large enough to accommodate both of your hands inside of it. Paper towels and two zip lock bags that are either medium or large in size. A cuticle pusher, 100% pure acetone, and HOT WATER for this approach. The whole procedure is sped up by the use of hot water. Try it and see for yourself.

  1. Remove the glossy top coat of your dip powder manicure with a buffing cloth. There is no downside to rubbing off more, and doing so will actually speed up the process.
  2. Fill a small tub with water that is quite hot, but not so hot that it is unbearable to touch. It is important to just fill it up to the midway point. So that it does not overflow when you put your hands and luggage into it afterwards.
  3. Fold two paper towels into quarters and place them in the zip lock bags at the very bottom.
  4. Pour in an amount of acetone that is sufficient to saturate the paper towels.
  1. Place your hands inside the zip-lock bags, and then submerge them in the warm water in the bathtub. It is essential that you prevent the water from the tub from seeping into the bags otherwise. The acetone will not be able to do its function.
  2. Make circular motions with your fingernails, pressing them on the paper towel in both directions. To complete the operation in a shorter amount of time, consistently mix the acetone with the paper towel. Depending on how many layers of dip powder you have on, continue doing this for about five to ten minutes.
  3. Check the condition of your nails and visit the best nail extension in Gurgaon, KA-RAS. Continue with the Baggy Method if there is still dip powder on your nails after using the previous method.
  4. At this point, you should use a cuticle pusher, file, or buffer to remove any remaining remnants of dip powder.

Gel Nail Removal

If you have ever obtained a gel manicure from the best nail extension in Gurgaon, KA-RAS in the past. The gel will most likely have been removed from your nails using cotton soaked in acetone and aluminium foil wrapping. You should have little trouble doing this task at home. However, folding the foils might get very challenging until you reach your non-dominant hand (unless you are ambidextrous).

Not only is dealing with foil an annoyance but if you want to check on the development of your nails every so often. Only to discover that they need a little more time, and then have to re-wrap that nail while all of your other fingers are being wrapped, it can get very tiring. You may save yourself this worry by using the following strategy.

  1. First, use a buffer to remove as much gel polish as possible from the nails. Then place them in a basin filled with acetone that has been purified to its purest form. As we have seen, using heated acetone is far more effective than using cold acetone, thus. We strongly advise you to first warm up your acetone in an indirect manner (by letting the bottle rest in some hot water).
  2. Allow the acetone some time to do its magic before you go on (approximately 5-10 minutes)
  3. Remove gel polish by scraping it off with a cuticle pusher, and carry out the procedure once more if required. The gel polish ought to be remove with a minimum of fuss and bother.
  4. Remove any residual fragments, and then use a buffer to make your nails as smooth as possible.

Acrylic Nails Removal

Since acrylics are, by their very nature, quite long-lasting. The prospect of attempting to remove them on one’s own may seem intimidating; yet, it really isn’t! A significant portion of the damage caused by artificial nails is attributable to incorrect removal. In order to remove false nails without causing damage to your natural nails. All you need is a little bit of patience and a lot of acetone.

  1. You may trim the length of your acrylic nails using a clipper designed specifically for the nail tip. Trim them to be as near to your natural nails as you can get them.
  2. Remove the glossy top surface entirely by filling or buffing it.
  3. Put some acetone in a dish and let your fingernails soak in there for around five minutes.
  4. Utilizing a steel cuticle pusher, carefully work to remove the acrylic from your nails.
  5. It is necessary to repeatedly wet the acrylic and then scrape it off until all of it has gone.
  6. Use a nail buffer to remove any residual acrylic that may has left behind.

Final words

After the nails have been exposed to acetone, we advise ending each procedure with high-quality cuticle oil so that the nails may regain some of their lost moisture. Cuticle oil should be massaged into and around each of your nails. By massaging it into your skin, you will improve circulation, which in turn will promote nail growth. We care for you, and that is why we cannot reiterate enough that even if you have the slightest thought of removing your extensions contact the best nail extension in Gurgaon, KA-RAS. Safe removal is as important as safe application, so consult the perfectionists.

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