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Fog Lights, also known as front-facing lights, emit a powerful light beam. These automotive headlights get designed to cut off the thick fog lying in front sharply. The actual light is placed below and aims towards the ground. It is at a sharp angle to offer a more precise light beam.

There are two types of headlights when it comes to position. They are the high-beam headlights and the low-beam headlights. They both aim at a shallow angle. They light up the road surface for a lengthy distance in front of the car.  

These car accessory websites produce yellow lights or white lights. One can find these lights in front of the car. A newer version, like the LED daytime running lights, took over their place. They have become a legal requirement. 

The car bulb needs to have a yellow or bright white colour. They not only increase your visibility on the road. They also help you become visible to other cars on the road when you drive in the fog. 

Purpose of the Fog Lights

The purpose of the fog lights is to provide increased visibility in low-visibility conditions. These could include fog, heavy rain, snow, smoke or even sandstorms. When a person is driving through such conditions at night in the dark, the first instinct is to turn on the Fog Lights.

The bright lights have a higher aim. They can reflect on the driver, obscuring their vision and blinding them. This is fatal as it can cause an accident. The driver will not be able to see more than a mile or two away. This could lead to accidents and collisions in the traffic ahead.

Why is Fog Lights Places Low?

The Fog Lights have a lower position in the front of the car. In this manner, the light will not reflect the dust and the water, therefore, not blurring the view of the drivers. This is how they give the impression of “emitting light under snow or rain or fog.” 

The beams are much closer to the vehicle than the regular beams of a car. The beam is also low and wide, allowing a wider visibility angle. With this angle, the driver can easily see the edge of the road, even in unfortunate weather conditions. How high the lights get placed is not relevant. What matters the most is the difference in height between the directional height of the Fog Lights and the eye level of the driver.

Dedicated Switch to Operate the Lights

The dashboard of the car will have a switch that operates the fog lights. There are different switches for the headlights and the tail lights. It could be a button on the headlight stalk, half moon, or semi-circle. 

Modern cars need you to push the button to turn the lights on. In the case of the rear-facing lights, the symbol will point in the opposite direction. The lights will turn off when the ignitions of the car or the lights get turned off. Ever wondered why a car is driving in clear weather with the fog lights on? This is the reason why. You must have probably forgotten to turn them off.

Rear Fog Lights

As we know, the front-facing fog lamps allow you to see ahead. Similarly, the red fog lamps prevent other cars from hitting you. Simply put, it increases visibility to other cars and vehicles behind you.

 For them, visibility is also limited, and the traffic in front is barely visible. The rear fog lights make your car visible to the cars behind you so they can slow down on the highway or traffic. They act as an extra pair of alert lights in extreme weather conditions. The truth is, the tail lights do not alert drivers until they are close to you. This could be dangerous if the person behind you is driving at a dangerous speed. 

Colour of the Lights 

Most of the rear fog lights have a red colour. This makes it hard to differentiate them from regular brake lights. Both brake lights have the same colour and intensity. So, sometimes the brake lights can substitute the other. They have the same purpose when it comes to visibility.

Yellow or Blue: The Difference

During fog, water droplets can form on the mirrors due to condensation. This reflects light from the car into the driver’s eyes. Yellow is known to penetrate the fog better. The yellow colour is less glaring than the white and blue shades. It allows the drivers to see ahead.

Blue produces a glaring effect and hence is not ideal for fog lights. When the glaring effect intensifies, this could get dangerous in poor conditions, like rain and fog.

The main objective of the lights is to throw light on the road below. They must get installed at a proper height. Or else it will interfere with your visibility during driving. Using the fog lights from Carorbis correctly will save your life and the lives on the road.

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