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Although we may see fewer limousines on the road by 2022, that does not mean that the limousine business is shrinking. It’s the opposite. The chauffeur market is still as sought-after as it’s been for a long time, with significant rates of expansion expected to be achieved by 2025.

Although fewer people are using longer limousines, more people choose to use various limousines. These limousines are smaller and discreet, drawing little attention from strangers. They’re just as beautiful inside as they’ve ever been. Are you considering renting limousines? There are plenty of options to choose from. Read on to learn about the cost of Limo service Boston and what you can anticipate paying for your next ride.

Types of Limo service Boston

How much will a limousine rent? One of the main aspects in determining the cost of Limousine and automobile services is the kind of Limousine you select and how many passengers you will need to accommodate. Luxury sedans are often used as smaller limos. They can accommodate up to four people. Small limousines can hold between six and eight people. Large limos can seat up to 16 people. The largest limousines, also called stretch limousines, can accommodate up to 20 passengers.

Types of Limo service Boston

You can pick a standard stretch limousine or take the plunge and lease a hummer stretch limousine that will cost you more. Additionally, you can lease classic vehicles, such as limos like one like a Rolls Royce, but you’ll spend more than a regular limousine.


The majority of the time, the cost of fuel is usually included in the quote. If you’re planning to go long distances, you could incur an additional charge for fuel. Or, if you want to stop at certain locations in your travels, but the driver was not prepared for it, you could add fuel surcharges, too. If your trip during the booking comprises many stops, you could be charged a distance-based fee.

Parking and Tolls

If you have to go through any tolls on your journey, the driver will add them to the final invoice. Larger vehicles generally have to pay higher toll fees than vehicles with standard tolls. Consider your options regarding parking. If you select a location with pay parking, these prices will most likely be paid to you. The cost of parking in a Limo service Boston generally costs more as it takes up more space. In a crowded city with no parking readily available, drivers may have to keep circling the area while they wait for you. This could result in additional costs for fuel.

Add-On Services

The majority of limousines come with fridges. Pack your drinks and snacks if you want to save money on your rental. The use of glassware in the Limousine must be complementary. Some luxury rentals and certain rental packages will include a fully-stocked bar that guests can take advantage of. This can cost more. If you damage or break any glassware or other items from the Limousine, You can expect to pay a fine at the end of the invoice. Additionally, if there are any stains left from the group or when someone has a bowel issue, you should anticipate paying at least $100 for cleaning costs.

Date of Service

This is a fact the public frequently overlooks. However, demand for limousines is significantly more frequent on certain nights and during certain seasons. The higher demand could lead to higher rates for rental. Limo service Boston rentals can be booked early if there are major celebrations in your city, like galas, parties, awards shows, galas, etc. In the evenings, you could expect a price rise when many events are going on. There are other times that rental rates are more expensive. In certain states, for instance, in the Midwest, the wedding season isn’t as long (summer and the beginning of autumn). Many couples are searching for limousine rentals on the same weekend, which can add to the cost.

Date of Service

Prom season for high schools may also increase rental demand in the region. If you’re planning a limousine rental and aren’t bound to a specific date, you should look up events in your region and pick a date with less demand. Making reservations early is the best way to save money. It is cheaper to rent on weekdays than on weekends. Daytime rentals will also be less expensive than rentals in the evening.

Chauffer Tips

The tipping of your driver is essential. This is especially important for weddings and rowdy parties. The standard for the industry is between 10 to 20 percent. Therefore, if your limousine rental is $1000 for the night, be prepared to pay between $150-$200 in cash to the driver. If you’re driving a limousine to the airport and you’re required to carry baggage, It is a commonplace to tip the driver around $5 per bag, as they’ll need to load and unload the bags for you.

Cost of Renting the Limousine

What does the price of a limo cost? Based on the dimensions and kind of vehicle you want for your limo, the typical limo rental ranges from $50 per hour to $500plus per hour. The rental duration is usually four hours. If you are booking limousine rentals for a night, the price is approximately $1,000, not even including the tip to the chauffeur. For weddings generally, prices are slightly more expensive.

For a short Limousine rental for a weeknight, it is possible to pay as low as $300-$400 for just an hour or so. If you’re on a weekend night rental, the most common four-hour packages will cost you around $800. What can you do to get a better deal on your limousine rental? Explore the available packages and determine if you can avail discounts on all-day rentals compared to one-evening rentals. Take your drinks on the Limousine. Make sure to book in advance to get the most affordable rates.

Finally, even though limousine rentals should be enjoyable, ensure everyone is in good spirits so that nobody spits in the vehicle and glass doesn’t break, and there aren’t any spills so that you don’t have to pay last-minute costs. Book Your Limo service Boston Today!

Once you have a good idea of how much it will cost to hire a Limo service Boston, you can begin searching for local limousine companies. Get quotes as soon as possible and secure a good cost when you find it. Want to know more about tips similar to this? Explore our blog right now for more information.

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