Are you familiar with the term trail camera? It also goes by the name camera trap or nature camera. They are a remote image capture device that photographs animals in their natural habitat. Everything happens automatically.

If you have Spectrum TV or if you have taken from any other TV plans and you have a deep love for channels like Animal Planet, Discovery, or NAT Geo, you must have seen a trail camera in action already but taking from Spectrum is always beneficial because of customer support on Spectrum 1800 number. These cameras are not just great in capturing animals but they can also capture burglars. This begs the question of are trail cameras good for home security? Read on to find that out!

Using Trail Cameras for Home Surveillance

These cameras come in various security configurations and programming options. Most of these models can capture still photos as well as videos. Some also capture audio for accompanying the video. Some of these cameras are stealthy and they can capture photos in complete darkness without flash. These cameras have performed well in catching criminals so yes, they are great for home security.

When you’re in a pinch, trail cameras do a pretty good job. Their motion/heat detectors can capture human activity just as well as wildlife movement. Furthermore, if you live in a region where there is a lot of rain or snowfall, the best trail cameras are built to withstand water and harsh temperatures.

A trail camera is typically mounted to a tree. The motion sensors of the camera make it snap photos and video when a deer or other animal enters the area. The footage is time-stamped so you’ll know an image was shot. These cameras can also be conferred to send real-time photos and videos to your smartphone.

What Features to Consider When Choosing a Trail Camera

If you are considering a trail camera for home security, these are the features you should look for:

Go For No-Glow Camera

These cameras use IR flash for capturing photos as well as videos in no or low light. This prevents the camera’s light from shining, which can alert any intruders. No wonder it’s so easy to catch a burglar with a trail camera. A no-glow trail camera is a fantastic choice if you want to keep your camera hidden.

Check the Picture Quality

Ideally, go for HD picture quality so that you can clearly see the picture at night. It’s recommended to invest in a camera that features 720p at the very least.

Motion Sensors Quality

All latest trail cameras nowadays come with motion sensor features. They are capable of detecting motion at different ranges.  The range you’ll need is determined by your requirements, which are based on the area and the number of cameras you have.

 Another factor to consider is the angle. For example, a camera with a 90-degree angle will be able to identify and record objects that are 90 degrees away from it within the provided range.

Video Capturing Feature

Not all trail cameras can record video. When motion is detected, a majority of them will record 10 to 90 seconds of video. The ones that only take images are usually less expensive, but a camera that can capture video can prove to be quite useful if especially from a surveillance perspective.

Before buying, think about what you want. If your budget allows it, go for a camera with both video and audio capabilities.

Remote Configuration

Go for a camera that can be configured with your smartphone, allowing you to send pictures and videos to your smartphone. If you want to keep an eye on your property, this is a feature worth considering.

Choose the Right Location to Make the Most of It

Trail cameras give you the upper hand on whatever activity you want to decide. These cameras don’t leave a scent or signal the animal where you’re hidden when hunting and scouting out animals.

Trail cameras can take images and capture videos without harming the natural habitats of the deer and animals you’re seeking to photograph. Trail cameras are ideal spy cameras for security because they are designed to blend into the environment. However, to make the most out of this camera, it must be installed in the right place.

With a good trail camera, you can record up to 4K HD videos and take high-quality pictures while remaining undetectable at night. It’s a great investment for home improvement and security.

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