Badass Wedding Dresses For The Modern Bride

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Imagine yourself on your wedding day. What are you wearing? Are you wearing a traditional wedding gown (aka the gown your grandmother would expect you to wear), or are you in a colorful dress that looks like it was plucked out of an Andy Warhol painting? 

Brides-to-be don’t actually need to walk down the aisle in white. 21st-century  brides can choose from a wide range of wedding gowns, from feminine dresses that turn ‘matronly’ into ‘modern’ to power suits that’ll make people do a double-take. 

If you can’t picture yourself in a classic white wedding gown, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Read on for wedding-worthy fashion tips for the fashionable bride-to-be: 

1. Gowns With Massive Veils

Veils are back and they’re more massive than ever. We’re not talking about the veils that cover your face. We’re talking about cathedral veils that fall to the floor and create the appearance of a halo as the sun hits your silhouette. When you wear a veil with your wedding gown, you’ll look angelic and like you’re gliding your way toward the altar.

Take a page from Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress, a custom-made Vera Wang gown made of georgette. It comes with a chapel-length gown that’s been embroidered with the names of her sons, her groom, and herself. It strays from the traditional style of embroidery (e.g. flowers) by embellishing the veil with words that truly matter to the bride. It’s one way to design a wedding gown that is truly yours.

2. Bridal Power Suits

Who says only grooms get to wear suits to their wedding? By showing up in a figure-flattering power suit, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel badass. 

As a bonus, bridal suits are more comfortable than dresses, so you’ll have no problem dancing the night away at the after-party. 

To set your outfit apart from men’s fashion, go for a bridal suit made from lightweight fabrics such as silk to soften its edges. Dresses that feature lace embellishments can add a bit of feminine flair, too. 

Getting married in the great outdoors? Get yourself a linen suit for its airy, lightweight feel. As for the color, it’s best to wear white to recreate that “classic” bridal look, but colors like gray, black, and blue work as well. 

3. 3D Floral Dresses

Newsflash, you don’t need to wear a whole white gown to your wedding. If you’re getting married in the spring, go for florals, but not any floral design — a colorful one. Gowns blooming with prints of pansies and peonies can add a pop of color to the chapel, but it would be a plus if the florals were embroidered onto the dress. 

Embroidered florals (made from fabric, of course) can create an aesthetic that’s so delicate that your partner will want to fast-forward through your vows so they can already put a wedding ring on your finger. In addition, embellishments are an excellent way to add texture to your otherwise “boring” wedding gown.

4. Colorful Prints

No, you don’t need to stick to the status quo. Decades ago, brides wouldn’t dare to wear bold colors, but modern-day brides don’t mind choosing from all the colors of the rainbow. Now, we’re seeing colors such as yellow and orange in soft tones that are bold enough to stand out but are still “chapel-appropriate”.

When you wear a wedding gown with colors and prints, you allow your fun side to shine. You’re showing your guests (and your groom-to-be) that your vibrant personality can’t be challenged or changed. 

In addition, your wedding gown will be so attention-grabbing that you won’t need to accentuate it with accessories. You and your dress wil be the centerpiece for the day. 

5.  Corset Dresses

Show the world that underwear can be classy by wearing a corset dress to your wedding. Corset-inspired dresses can add a sexy contrast to the soft and feminine fabrics of charmeuse, chiffon, and more. Plus, it gives your groom a sneak peek of the “after-party” (wink wink).

By wearing a boudoir-inspired dress to your wedding, you can exude sexiness without compromising class. Corsets paired with sheer tulle, lace, etc. can turn what you’d normally wear in the bedroom into something that’ll grab people’s attention (particularly your groom’s and any ex-boyfriends you’ve invited) all the way to the reception. 

6. High-Low Ballet Dresses

Say hello to gowns with high-low hems. High-low hems were all the rage during the mid-1800s, but they disappeared for a long time until they made their way back into fashion in 2012. They regained popularity in the 2020s, but today’s high-low wedding gowns take inspiration from ballet

Modern-day high-low wedding gowns are more theatrical, featuring huge ruffles and tutu-like skirts that look like they belong to The Royal Opera House. Ballerina palettes such as pastel pinks also take center stage, softening the edges on these geometrically designed gowns.

If you’re after Victorian-esque grandeur, design a ballet wedding gown with high-low hems. You’re sure to stand out. 


You get only one chance to get your wedding gown right. Do you want to wear something that your guests (or worse, your groom) will forget, or something that’ll make you look like you belong on the cover of Bridal Guide? Keep these tips in mind when you design your wedding gown to make sure you stand out on the day you’re supposed to.