Are you preparing for the PSLE exam to get admission to secondary schools in Singapore? Then, you should be aware of the main fact that fluency in the English language is very important in every aspect.

Opting for the English writing class online can help enhance all academic skills. Tutors with years of experience are well-trained to guide efficiently in learning the English language.

You might have a question in mind about where to start. Knowing the benefits of learning English through online English classes is the key. Let’s begin!

Importance Of Learning The English Language

The best advantage of joining online English classes is broadening all academic skills. Additionally, this will open many professional opportunities in the future.

Learning to speak and write in English allows every child to have effective communication with other fellow mates. More than this, it also brings psychological benefits like increased creativity level, flexible mind, and high critical thinking skills.

The earlier children will be introduced to learning the English language, the better they will gain the knowledge.

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Advantages Of Online Classes For Learning English Language

#1. Provides Personalized Session

In traditional classroom learning, a specific teacher is available to teach several students at a time. But this is not the case when opting for English writing class online as there are only 1 or 3 to 4 kids present. 

Tutors provide personalized sessions guiding children weak in the English language. How?

  • By offering personal classes, tutors make sure that kids get special attention in the areas of the language they are struggling with. They concentrate on a child’s learning capacity and adjust their tutoring speed based on an individual’s grabbing speed. 
  • Additionally, tutors guide using the learning style in which the kids learn the best. Let’s take an example, some children acquire knowledge quickly through pictures or animations, while most are through listening. So, tutors make everyone comfortable and help them grab the information in the way they find easy. 
  • When children are taught in the manner they choose, they learn appropriately and fastly. Besides this, it boosts their confidence and encourages them to clear their doubts about language use. 

#2. Enhances All Academic Skills

The online classes are effective in improving speaking, writing, listening, as well as reading skills. 

  • Speaking Skills: In an online setup, children can have live conversations through video calls same as they are present in a physical classroom. They can freely express their point of view on any particular topic. Also, they can record and share voice messages with their other fellow mates. They can closely listen to each word, analyze what is said, and notice where there is a need for more improvement. 

As there is a saying, practice makes everyone perfect. When children keep having a conversation with each other, they will eventually become proficient in speaking English, beneficial for preparing for PSLE Paper 4. 

  • Writing Skills: Many students struggle to prepare for PSLE composition topics when exams are overhead. The best advice is to sign up for an English writing class online, guiding the children to write impressive compositions. 

The tutor teaches the correct format of the PSLE composition writing format. Additionally, they guide about grammar rules and vocabulary use. Both are important features of the language, therefore, it is essential to know about them. Mastering them will support the kids in writing good compositions, leading to great academic results. 

  • Listening Skills: Students can easily improve their listening skills by making an audio record of online lectures. Whenever there will be a need, they can listen to a particular recording and learn from it. Not only children can listen but also take close notice of subtitles of the videotapes. They can effortlessly get familiar with every single word, which as a result will enhance their vocabulary skills.

#4. Boosts Self-Confidence

When enrolling in an English writing class online, there is only a tutor and a student. 

  • Tutors make all children feel comfortable while teaching any lesson. They let the kids raise their voices against any problem regarding writing, reading, or speaking in English. 
  • When students learn in a great environment, it naturally grows self-confidence in them. Most importantly, it increases the probability of enhancing the ability to use language. 
  • In some online learning, there is a group session of five students maximum. In this interactive environment, each of them can interact and develop great confidence at a top level. As a result, it will enable children to pronounce and use grammar properly while communicating.

#5. Help Achieve Goals

When students are on their preparation journey of O level English Comprehension and language use, a PSLE paper, they need to fix the goals. Remember that, it is a matter of preference as passing the exam will decide the next path to secondary school. 

So, learn what children can do: 

  • Children should always prioritize those areas of the language where they need to focus the most.
  • Learn the English topics one step at a time. Like, start from the less knowledgeable one. Is it vocabulary, pronunciation, or grammar? 
  • Do try to concentrate on one thing at a time. This will help to understand clearly and memorize well.
  • If children will learn all at once, the chances are of mixing everything and forgetting the next day.

#6. Provides Learning Option At Own Speed

Unlike traditional school learning where students are bound to a specific time, choosing an English writing class online is different in this matter. 

  • In online learning, students can study at their speed and time according to their convenience.
  • With online classes, learning at your own pace is a great opportunity to pay more attention to those areas where children struggle the most. This helps you to learn the language more properly by scheduling the time on your own. 

#7. Easy Accessibility

Easy accessibility is an essential factor to consider when opting for an English writing class online as it improves the learning experience. This is how:

  • Most children feel uncomfortable asking queries in traditional school learning. Here, online learning prevents such nervousness by enhancing learning skills. 
  • As it is online learning, access to every study material is very easy and simple. Sometimes due to some reasons, students are unable to write down notes for a specific topic for learning. But taking the help of online resources, they are available with unlimited study materials.
  • Whenever needed, children can review them repeatedly and learn eventually. 

#8. Instant Doubt Clearing Session

Most young children find difficulty in acquiring the knowledge of the language at one time. They require more guidance for understanding anything accurately. Do not worry, online classes are always there for assistance. Know how:

  • In school learning, teachers do not solve the doubts instantly. Children have to wait a long time for the solution. But this case is the opposite in online learning. Whenever the kids struggle to use grammar and vocabulary correctly, tutors are always available with a solution.
  • Experts work on every weak point of the kids and guide them accordingly. Consequently, it clarifies all queries adequately and allows children to learn and remember every grammar rule.
  • When students know every part of speech of the English language very well, they can efficiently excel in it.


Learning the English language is easy as it can be done from anywhere. It is all possible due to the availability of the English writing class online which is more beneficial than traditional school classrooms. From providing personalized classes, improving all learning skills, and boosting self-confidence, to instant doubt sessions, and easy accessibility, it gives a deep understanding of language.

When children will be able to improve their writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills, they will become fluent in all those areas.